fumé: the Brand For Experienced Cannabis Consumers

Taylor Engle
Aug 17, 2021

fumé (pronounced foo-may) –which means smoked in French– is a modern brand for the informed cannabis consumer. This new high-end brand is looking to level up your cannabis experience by bringing exceptional, small-batch, legacy strains to market and treating each strain with the utmost respect, allowing you to truly discover each of their terpene-rich cultivars. fumé does this by pairing their top-shelf strains with premium smoking accessories, such as cherry wood smoke tips and an organic beeswax hemp wick with their Pre-Roll Packs and King Cone products.

The fumé team evaluated dozens of strains and hand-selected their first set of strains based on the taste, aroma, and experience–something that the brand centers part of their ethos around–delivering unique, terpene-rich strains to the informed consumer.

fumé All Formats Sativa

The brand showcases the best of California cannabis by identifying and partnering with a community of responsible farmers to shine a spotlight on the farmer’s craft and respect for both the plant and the environment. Each farm was identified based on its sustainable growing practices and focus on producing high-quality flower. The four strains fumé focused on for their brand launch–Cherry AK, Mango Kush, Double Chem OG, and Dank Fruit–have unique terpene characteristics, vibrant colors, and produce tantalizing aromas when squeezed.

fumé furthers its respect for the environment by focusing on the sustainability of its 100% recyclable packaging that is on another-level in terms of look and feel and includes sophisticated smoking accessories. Not to mention these stylish products also are child-resistant without the need for any single-use plastic.

As a brand dedicated to giving back to the Cannabis Community, fumé has partnered with the Last Prisoner Project–supporting the organization’s goal of righting the wrongs of the past and working to free those incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis related crimes. If you turn to the back of the packaging, you can see their dedication to this every time you partake in elevating your experience with fumé.

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