FUEGO | Can cannabis extracts be ‘fire’? They can now!

Eaze Team
Sep 1, 2019

‘That would be fire.’

And with those words, the fuse was lit on Fuego.

Hanging out in Venice, California, the team behind Fuego had the idea to make the highest THC tincture possible at the lowest possible price. The fateful reaction – “That would be fire!” – soon became an all-new line of high-potency vaporizer pens, concentrates and drops that preserve the full set of cannabinoids with Fuego live resin.

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Fuego High Potency Drops [photo courtesy of Fuego]

The best sauce, period.

Fuego cannabis products are extracted in the heart of California with leading-edge formulations and delivery technologies. Call it the Authentic Plant Experience: curated whole-plant marijuana extracts for a full-spectrum, live-resin high.

Not for lightweights.

These products were engineered for maximum strength – totally fine for beginners who are willing to start really low and slow, and perfect for experienced consumers who will appreciate the plant-balanced cannabinoid profiles that, in conjunction with high THC, produce effects beyond your average edible or smoke session.

Feel the Fuego, and enjoy the moment!

[Product(s) named in this story are registered under California license CDPH-10003578.]

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