VAYA | Honoring Ancient Wisdom

Diana Gonimah
Feb 15, 2021

VAYA is a Black- and Brown- owned social equity cannabis company devoted to promoting a conscious and healthy cannabis culture.

Producing high-quality indoor flower from the Bay Area, VAYA was built on the belief that cannabis is a powerful tool for human development. “We want to everyone to be able to benefit from the grounding, healing, and uplifting qualities of this sacred plant.”

VAYA was founded by Grammy-award musician and activist Salvador Santana and Degi Simmons–Cloud9 founder, lifelong Yoruba priest, instrumentalist, and cannabis cultivator. Learn about Salvador and Degi’s vision for VAYA in the following video:

For waves of energy, a focused mind, and elevated perceptions, try an eighth of the powerful Runtz strain, Ponche Suave. A potent indica-dominant strain, it has a pungent sweet aroma, with a sweet distinctive flavor that follows on the exhale with savory umami.

License No. C12-0000084-LIC

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