For these moms, cannabis normalization is a mission

Sandy Cohen
May 10, 2019

Cannabis moms unite!

The grownups are more likely to use cannabis than teens these days, and there’s no getting around it: some of these adults are moms. And a few of these moms are so passionate about normalization that they’ve made it their online mission — pro-cannabis mommybloggers, if you will.

“‘Mommy needs a joint’ should be as socially acceptable as ‘Mommy needs a glass of wine,’” Kaycee Lei Cuesta, who blogs as The Cannavist Mom, told Maria Shriver on an episode of Today about parents and weed. “You can still be a good parent and use marijuana at the same time.”

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Cuesta says she started experimenting with cannabis after finding her prescription migraine meds left her foggy. Marijuana eased her pain and allowed her to be more present for her three kids, so she’s become a “mom on a mission to #normalizecannabis.”

Cuesta is part of a small but growing community of women creating cannabis-friendly spaces for parents online. To celebrate Mother’s Day, meet four other moms who’ve chosen to own their love of the plant:

A Mom’s Guide to Cannabis

Amanda Winn Lee, a former voiceover actress, launched her friendly and informative YouTube series a year ago. Winn Lee brings the warm trustworthiness of an elementary school teacher to her short videos, covering topics that range from edibles to the endocannabinoid system to discussing cannabis with your kids. (She has a 14-year-old son.)

Like Cuesta, Winn Lee looked to cannabis as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. The opiate painkillers her doctor prescribed after back surgery turned her into a “psycho hose beast,” so she opted for cannabis instead. She was able to stop using the pills completely just a few weeks after surgery, which made her a believer and an advocate.

“A Mom’s Guide to Cannabis” is a family affair, with Winn Lee writing and starring in the episodes and her husband directing and editing. Winn Lee personally responds to viewer comments and says she bases future episodes on their inquiries.

“The best thing is when people reach out and say, ‘Thank you, I was wondering about that,’” she says. “I always encourage people to ask more questions, because what you may think is a stupid question is actually the same one 12 other people have.”


Melissa, who goes by the “Cannama,” started her blog last year to help de-stigmatize cannabis, particularly for minority moms.

“I was inspired to create an uplifting community for moms or parents who embrace cannabis wellness with conscious parenting,” she says. “I especially felt it was necessary to create a space that fits the needs of moms of color, because we’re often not really the target audience of more mainstream canna-mom sites.”

The Oakland-based mother of two noted that parents of color have traditionally faced more negative consequences for cannabis use, given the racial implications of the war on drugs. So even with legalization, many parents are still quiet about their cannabis habits.

“This is a tool we’re using for wellness, and we shouldn’t be feeling awkward or embarrassed about discussing that or owning it,” she says. “Then more people will be willing to do it, and one day there won’t be a need for the site because it will be normal!”

The site covers women working in cannabis, female-owned cannabis companies, and interviews with other cannabis-loving moms of color.

The Stoner Mom

Established in 2014, this comprehensive site includes a blog, podcast (“Mom and Dad Are Stoned”), a video series, product reviews and more. At the heart is Kathryn, the self-proclaimed Stoner Mom and advocate for “responsible cannabis lifestyle.”

The Colorado-based mother of four started her blog to normalize cannabis among parents.

“I want to show the world cannabis users are just people,” she says. “Normal adults living normal adult lives.”

Her blog is a trove that includes lighthearted posts, like the incredibly detailed Art of the Sesh and how to KonMari your bong collection, to more serious material, such as a personal account of how she replaced prescription antidepressants with CBD.

The Stoner Mom also hosts virtual wake-and-bake sessions and brings readers and viewers into the cannabis growing process.


Shannon had been using cannabis for more than 20 years, but the Canada-based mom started calling herself WeedMama when she found vaping helped her feel like herself again after her two children were born. Cannabis has been such a salve that, like the other moms profiled here, she hopes to help destigmatize it with her site.

Aimed at both new and experienced users, WeedMama reviews products, posts about personal experiences and offers specific advice for parents.

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