For Almora: Sun-Grown Cannabis Products, Crafted with Love

Taylor Engle
Jan 25, 2022
There are several ways to describe the Almora difference. We could talk about their organic, sun-grown farming techniques, or their range of unique genetics, or even their farm-direct business model that allows cost-savings to be passed on to consumers. But if you ask the folks at Almora, they’d tell you the Almora difference comes down to one thing: With everything they do, they always start with love.
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A love of the soil comes naturally to Almora, which operates two multi-generational farms in California’s finest agricultural regions, closely following organic and living soil cultivation processes that evoke strong, healthy roots, mineral rich soil, and less impact on the environment. The Central Coast farm not only produces cannabis, but also yields 40,000 pounds of fresh, organic produce each year, helping the soil, while also providing food to their workers and to undressed members of the local community.
A resounding love and respect for the plant comes to life through their curated genetics and diligent year-round phenotyping which promote clear intention and consistency with every harvest, and are the building blocks for year-over-year improvements to potency, taste and effects. That love shines through as bright as the sun that energizes the entire lifecycle of the plant, empowering each flower to mature and bloom to its full potential, which in turn, promotes a diverse cannabinoid and terpene profile, an increased range of potency, and more robust flavors.
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A love of the final product can be seen in the attention to detail and care put into every step, from hand trimming the buds, to using no frills, nitrogen flushed, vacuum sealed packaging, that preserves freshness, while, when combined with their farm-direct business model, also ensures that Almora is priced in a way that makes their products accessible to all.
Almora’s diverse lineup of sun-grown products include: flower, live resin concentrate, pre-roll multipack, Sunlive 100% live resin 1G cartridge, and the Fusion infused pre-roll multipack, with more new and exciting offerings coming soon. We were also pleasantly surprised to discover that many Almora strains carry over across all of their product categories, which is fairly unique for cannabis brands.
But don’t take our word for it. We believe Almora has a story to tell, and it starts with love and dedication, and finishes with some of the highest quality, consistent, and easily accessible products in the market. Try any of their fantastic products today to experience what Naturally Better feels like.

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