Flow Kana: Uplifting the Planet, The Plant, And The People Who Grow It

Taylor Engle
Dec 9, 2021

There are more options for cannabis products on the market than ever before, each one catering to a different consumer’s needs. Flow Kana is one of the most dependable cannabis brands across the board: promising unique genetics, trust, and quality sungrown flower.

The “leader in sungrown cannabis,” Flow Kana is a brand that stays true to cannabis’ roots, embracing California’s values and supporting independent farmers in the process. Since 2015, the brand’s main goal has been to usher in a sustainable cannabis industry of which we can all be proud.

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“From the first mason jar of Emerald Triangle craft cannabis that my wife and partner Flavia Cassani and I packaged up in our San Francisco apartment, we have grown to be one of the largest and most diversified cannabis companies across the supply chain,” said Michael Steinmetz, co-founder and Chief Servant Officer at Flow Kana.

“Flow Cannabis Co. is a company built on values, and a mission to use the potential of sungrown cannabis to transform our communities, our agricultural practices, our business models, and our industry for the better.”

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The Emerald Triangle is a region in Northern California where cannabis cultivation has seen some of its most influential years and really set the stage for the rest of the nation, and Flow Kana is native to this influence.

The original purveyor of the Emerald Triangle’s premium flower, the brand’s product delivers the fullest expression of the cannabis plant with optimal entourage effects. They remain dedicated to showcasing the rich heritage of the Emerald Triangle and California’s other legacy growing regions.

“The Emerald Triangle maintains an ecosystem that is famous for its ability to produce premium cannabis. The ideal climate, air, soil, and sunlight contribute to the unparalleled cannabis cultivation in the region,” Steinmetz said.

Beyond quality cannabis that reflects the power of this region, Flow Kana also weaves in the narrative of “accessing the flow state,” which provides a sense of fluidity between mind and body for optimal effectiveness.

“This is a growing area of focus as individuals seek to achieve their maximum potential, and cannabis plays a huge role in that,” Steinmetz said.

Ultimately, Flow Kana envisions a world where consumers everywhere can legally access cannabis that has been grown sustainably, in its rightful place under the sun. Going back to our roots in this way will help us tap into our flow states and truly thrive as individuals and a community.

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