Flow Kana Farmer’s Reserve: California’s Sungrown Cannabis Brand

Taylor Engle
Jul 23, 2021

Today’s legal cannabis industry is slowly but surely shifting its focus to repairing, restoring, and uplifting the legacy market and all it has to offer. California’s Flow Kana is intent on this mission, working exclusively with craft legacy sungrown cannabis cultivars found in and around the Emerald Triangle – a.k.a., Farmer’s Reserve.

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What Is Flow Kana Farmer’s Reserve?

Raised in small batches by legacy craft farmers in the most prestigious growing operation area in the world, Farmer’s Reserve is high-potency cannabis bursting with terpene and cannabinoid profiles that deliver an exquisitely unique experience with a full-bodied taste and effect.

“This is the flower that our farmers used to keep for themselves,” says Flow Kana co-founder and CEO Mikey Steinmetz. “Farmer’s Reserve seeks to restore the cannabis plant to its rightful place – outside, in the ground, under the sun. We educate consumers not only on its carbon footprint, but on the remarkable end effect that sungrown cannabis offers.”

Sungrown cannabis is recognized for its intensified THC impact, and a long-lasting experience driven by the rich layering of terpenes and cannabinoids that are distinctive to sungrown plants.

Thanks to growing cultivars passed down for generations and other one-of-a-kind genetic strains, the sungrown flower is able to develop rich profiles that contribute to this unique effect, longer and richer than high-THC cannabis grown indoors. Each cultivar celebrates the richness and connectedness of the cannabis plant to the planet, to the grower, and to their communities.

What Inspired The Birth of Flow Kana?

Farmer’s Reserve launches at an exciting point in time for Flow Kana, which has been on the cannabis map since 2015. Co-founders and husband and wife Steinmetz and Flavia Cassani set out to create the brand after visiting the Emerald Triangle in 2014.

The couple was instantly amazed by the people they met and the cannabis they experienced, resulting in them creating the first supply chain and distribution company ever to serve the Emerald Triangle legacy sungrown cannabis farming community.

“Our mission is to promote the people and heritage of the Emerald Triangle, where the world’s best cannabis is grown,” Steinmetz says. “Our vision is to evolve cannabis into the world’s first fully sustainable agricultural product rooted in environmental stewardship, transparency, and heritage.”

Today, the team is accomplishing this mission more than ever with Farmer’s Reserve. By supporting these small-scale, independent, sustainably-minded master growers and artists, Flow Kana is providing these farmers with a viable path to participate and benefit financially from the legal, regulated cannabis industry.

These strains shine a spotlight on growers who’ve had to hide in the shadows, even including their names and signatures on the labels.

Finally, Farmer’s Reserve helps the team focus on the environmental impacts of indoor plants, which were entirely prompted by prohibition. Flow Kana aims to bring the industry back to its roots – in the ground, and under the sun.

Licenses: Flow Kana, No. C11-0001065-LIC

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