Your Vape Week Shopping Guide

Diana Gonimah
Sep 14, 2020

September marks new beginnings. For some, it’s the return to making sure our kids aren’t skipping their online classes. For others, it’s a blissful countdown to pumpkin spice latte season. Whether you’re catching the fall blues or busting out your finest flannel shirts, Eaze has vape cartridges and pods for your every mood.

1. Feeling restless?

Herbology can help you find your balance and calm with its best-in-class CBD products. Try the sweet-but-balanced Strawberry Shortcake Gio Pod by Herbology. Its perfect 1:1 CBD to THC ratio combines mild psychoactive effects with a refreshing, calming effect so you can find your center after a long day of video calls.

2. Feeling bored?

Is that sourdough starter kit you bought in May losing its appeal? If you’re looking for a new hobby and feeling uninspired, you’ll want to try Heavy Hitters’ Jack Herer Pax Era pod. From working out to finding new creative inspiration, this potent sativa Pax pod delivers the quintessential daytime high, perfect for creatives and those in need of a daytime boost.

3. Feeling blue?

This Rainbow cartridge from Select is your sunshine on a cloudy day. This top-shelf uplifting indica is perfect for busting through dark clouds and leaving you feeling happy and relaxed without heavy sedation. Enjoy a sweet tropical blend of fruit flavors with every draw.

4. Feeling bouts of wanderlust?

We too keep refreshing our feeds to see when we can safely travel the world again. Let your mind travel when your body can’t with Jetty’s Gold Alien OG cartridge. This true hybrid strain combines the best of both worlds, washing over your body with powerful relaxing effects while also delivering a stimulating, cerebral buzz.

5. Feeling anxious?

A lot’s up in the air right now, but one thing’s for sure: Bloom Farms’ Sunset OG vape cart remains true to its indica roots by offering powerful relaxation with calming bodily effects and a warm, welcoming mental uplift.

6. Feeling productive?

You just started watching Home Edit on Netflix and you’re in the mood to reorganize your messy pantry. Rise and shine with this Orange Sunrise cartridge from CIRCLES. Seize the day with this designer blend of sweet and tangy terpenes.

7. Feeling hungry?

Pair your meal with Island’s Mango Haze Pax Era pod. Elevate your meal with this mellow sativa, full of fruity flavor and a sweet, luscious aroma.

8. Feeling introspective?

Let your thoughts blast off to another planet with a Mars OG Pax Era pod from Neutron Genetics. An out-of-this-world indica fresh out of the California Bay Area, Mars OG is believed to stem from the Fire OG pheno, which means it’s pungent with a super relaxing mind-and-body effect.

Licenses: Herbology: CDPH-10001880, Heavy Hitters: CDPH-10001352, Select: CDPH-T00000116, Jetty: CDPH-10002243, Bloom Farms: CDPH-10002405, CIRCLES: CDPH-10002329, Island: CDPH-10003230, Neutron Genetics: CDPH-10003230

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