The secret to picking a perfect cannabis Father’s Day gift for Dad

Eaze Team
Jun 14, 2018

If there’s one thing we know about cannabis users, it’s that they’re easily categorized.

OK, that was a joke. We’re every bit as complex and diverse as the world at large.

But Father’s Day is around the corner, and we’re here to talk about dads. Turns out, they’re a little easier to pin down.

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What does it say about dads that traditional Mother’s Day gifts run the full spectrum of delights, while Father’s Day gifts include things like ties and other, uglier ties?

With cannabis legal on Father’s Day for the first time, California’s marijuana-friendly dads can finally get something they want.

But maybe dad doesn’t know what he prefers, or he’s never going to ask–and since dads are a little more reticent when it comes to talking to their kids about cannabis than moms, how are you supposed to choose for him?

This one’s so easy.

You need only ask one question.

What kind of phone does my dad have?

Our fathers’ phones are the windows to their souls.

No matter what kind of Dad you encounter, he’s going to be packing a mobile device, quite possibly on a hip holster or fanny pack. More likely it’s in his hand, where you can immediately know what you’re dealing with.

So find what best describes your father’s phone below–and then shop your way to instant Father’s Day gift success (or sign dad up with an Eaze promo code for $20 off that first blazing-fast delivery).

Which dad is yours?

Dad already has the next generation smartphone on private pre-order.

Whoa, you have a tech-obsessed power dad. Stay on the family plan as long as you can, and get that man a vaporizer. A good one.

He’s going to love it–until the next version comes out.

Dad’s smartphone is cracked, slow, and almost six years old.

Your father is not going to fall for that “upgrade” nonsense when his phone works just fine. Technology’s not his thing, and going to the phone store is too much fuss.

Your father will love the convenience of prerolls.

Dad has a flip phone.

First of all, mad respect. Dads who rock the flip phones are not old and out of touch, they are punk rock and in touch with the world around them.

Dad loves flower and rolling joints, always has, always will. Your dad is the coolest of them all.

Your dad likes Dad weed.

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