Father’s Day 2020: Your Cannabis Gift Guide

Diana Gonimah
Jun 17, 2020

Save the last-minute gift card ideas for Christmas and don’t bother trying to get that fancy tie rush-shipped by Sunday. He’s already probably still bummed about the lack of sports events over the past few months, so challenge yourself to do better for Father’s Day 2020, and get your dad something he won’t ask your mom to return at the mall.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, holing up with your parents during lockdown or driving an hour to drop off your dad’s gift, skip the wait times and head to Eaze.com for the perfect Father’s Day 2020 gift for your best bud:

1. For the dad who falls asleep seven minutes into every movie

This Sunday, dad might stay awake for the movie he picks with a little help from Lakegrade. This Lemon Sour Diesel cultivar delivers an uplifting, euphoric yet focused cerebral high that is accompanied by an intense rush of energy, fit for a hearty post-movie discussion.

2. For the dad rewatching the Warriors’ first championship…again

The only thing this dad loves more than Steph Curry is his kids, so pay your respects and let him enjoy his Sunday on the couch with California Citrus, a potent all-in-one by Dompen that will deliver an energizing sativa high that can match the glory of seeing the Warriors crush Lebron and the Cavs.

3. For the dad you’re tempted to unfriend on Fitbit

Soon as the trails reopened in California, your outdoorsy dad couldn’t stop bragging about getting his steps in. Whether you’re joining him on a hike or dropping off some goodies at his doorstep, this on-the-go dad could use some prerolls, compatible with his unstoppable nature walks. Because he deserves nothing less than top-shelf, gift your dad a hybrid classic preroll from Island for the summit, and an indica preroll to temper the soreness when he gets back down.

4. For the dad who binged every episode of the Great British Baking Show during quarantine

He’s always had an insatiable sweet tooth, so make his Sunday a little sweeter with Emerald Sky’s Sativa Peanut Butter Cups. This take on America’s most popular candy of all time marries rich milk chocolate and peanut butter with 5mg of THC per serving, delivering an uplifting sativa high your dad will appreciate more than No. 1 Dad paraphernalia.

5. For the dad who can’t stop doing yard work

Get him some real grass to work with. Interrupt his daily landscaping rituals and teach him how to trim buds, not bushes. Help your busybody father chill out with Sundae Driver, an indica flower by Ember Valley that’ll give you both a strong body high and blissful retreat.

6. For the dad who’d rather be golfing right now

Show him he can still hit the green with Heavy Hitters’ refreshing oils. Get the refreshing effect without stepping on the putting green and try the Malibu OG cartridge for a tropical taste and a happy, well-balanced high.

7. For the dad who can’t stop cracking dad jokes

Dad jokes are funnier with cannabis, whether you’re telling or hearing the joke. Celebrate Father’s Day with the aptly named GOLD Grand Daddy Purps by Jetty, a powerful indica packing rich grape and berry flavors and a strong body high ideal for winding down on a Sunday evening or finding relief from aches and pains.

8. For the dad who could give Bobby Flay a run for his money

Only this foodie father can appreciate the nuance of flavor characteristic of Happy Sticks’ Super Lemon Haze. This kief-caked, multi-colored sativa is zesty, citrusy, and a little sweet with a tartness that reminds us of Lemonheads candy, and energetic effects that will complement Dad’s culinary adventures.

Celebrate Father’s Day 2020 with cannabis delivered. 

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