Everyday: Cannabis for Daily Consumption

Diana Gonimah
Nov 18, 2020

Plenty of cannabis brands are geared towards the occasional puff-puff-passer–the social smoker if you will. This is not one of them.

Cannabis was made for daily consumption and Everyday was made for those who believe that. Founded in California in 2020, Everyday is made for discerning consumers who want great weed, and consume it regularly. Daily cannabis consumers deserve attainable luxury and with Everyday, they can have that without breaking the bank.

everyday cannabis

We understand that for many frequent consumers, cannabis is a monthly bill, just like rent, milk, or electricity. They should be able to live in the present and enhance their day-to-day lives without feeling guilty about it.

And certainly without hurting the environment.

Everyday cannabis is self-aware. It understands that daily cannabis consumption needs to take care of Mother Nature. That’s why Everyday tubes and boxes are fully recyclable, and the latter is created using wind energy.

But let’s focus on what’s inside the box. Everyday’s potent flower is meticulously tested and controlled for quality around bud structure, fragrance, potency and flavor. Everyday was made by discerning daily consumers for discerning daily consumers. By partnering with master indoor growers to produce exotic bud, the team behind Everyday makes products they want to consume.

Just a fair warning. Everyday may cause happiness.

License No. C11-0000532-LIC

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