Eaze Community Takes Action Against COVID

Eaze Team
Mar 14, 2020

Last updated: April 17, 2020

With COVID-19 cases reported across California, Eaze is focused on the best ways to keep customers, workers, and communities safe.

The State of California has designated cannabis retail and delivery an essential service, which means deliveries are continuing during the statewide “stay at home” order.

Eaze has communicated clear policies, which follow the CDC’s guidelines, to retail drivers and employees. Our number one goal is protecting customer and employee health and well-being throughout this situation.

Q. So what is Eaze doing?

To maximize everyone’s protection, we have asked our retail partners, who employ all drivers, to implement extra safety measures for deliveries. These include:

  • Cleaning off hand-held phones and terminals after every delivery;
  • Wearing disposable gloves and CDC-approved masks;
  • Disinfecting hands after delivery;
  • Not touching or exchanging IDs during ID verification checks;
  • Signing for customer deliveries with an ‘X’ rather than handing the phone back/forth for signature;
  • Giving customers tools to punch in their PIN numbers safely;
  • Prioritizing “social distancing” throughout the delivery process;
  • Ensuring drivers are updated on federal, state and local health requirements (for example, LA’s policy that everyone wear face masks).

We’ve provided retail partners with resources to get additional supplies to facilitate the safest possible transactions.

Q. What are Eaze’s retail partners doing to keep employees safe?
Our retail partners are following CDC guidelines for COVID prevention. These include:

  • Routinely cleaning all frequently-touched surfaces that employees and drivers interact with, including work stations, countertops, and doorknobs;
  • Putting “social distancing” in place throughout the retail space;
  • Having employees wash their hands regularly throughout the day;
  • Increasing the frequency of cleanings on-site;
  • Prohibiting symptomatic employees (fever, coughing, and sneezing, or a combination of these) from working;
  • Sending employees home if they feel unwell or become symptomatic during a shift.

Q. Can drivers leave my delivery on my doorstep?
While we’ve worked to make deliveries as touchless as possible, we can’t simply leave deliveries at your doorstep. This is because:

  • The State of California requires that drivers verify every customer’s age and identity. This means drivers must look at the ID and confirm it’s the same person who placed the order and is receiving the order, and that they’re over 21 years of age. To maximize safety and reduce risk, drivers will not hold or exchange your ID.
  • Second, due to banking restrictions on cannabis, payments must be made in person, via debit or cash transactions. To maximize safety and reduce risk, drivers are providing tools (including finger cots and stylus pens) to customers to punch in their PIN numbers. We are also in the process of launching ACH payment solutions in the coming weeks that will allow consumers to complete their purchase online via bank transfer.

Q. What’s next?
As the situation around COVID-19 changes quickly, we are constantly evaluating our partners’ operations and responses, as well as monitoring regulations to ensure compliance. Many customers rely on delivery because they face mobility challenges and/or have compromised immune systems. We are working to get your orders delivered quickly, compliantly and safely, and we appreciate your patience! We will update this post as additional information becomes available.

From all of us at Eaze, please stay safe, stay strong, and support your community in this time of need. If you have questions please contact support@eaze.com.

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