Eaze Introduces PLUS Dual Action Sleep Gummies to Menu

Taylor Engle
Nov 12, 2021

Eaze is your number one cannabis delivery plug, dedicated to quality product, excellent customer service, and, above all, compassion for the community. Equally dedicated to these ideals is PLUS, the industry’s favorite cannabis-infused gummy, and the brand has just released one of their most revolutionary products yet.

If you’re an avid cannabis consumer with a preference for edibles, chances are you’ve already experienced PLUS and its array of award-winning products. From an increase in energy to anti-insomniac properties and everything in between, the brand has a variety of formulas uniquely tailored to provide certain effects.

PLUS’s latest addition to their portfolio of products is the PLUS Dual Action Sleep Gummies, the industry’s first dual action cannabis gummy to combine fast-acting and long-lasting formulas in one delicious bite.

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“Our new nano-emulsion technology unlocks rapid onset in as little as eight minutes, while our smart formulation of THC, CBN, CBD and ten sleep terpenes provides a full night of restful sleep and leaves you feeling refreshed the next morning,” said Dr. Ari Mackler, PLUS’s Chief Product Officer.

The gummies are available in two delicious flavors and ratios: Lychee, an on-the-lighter-side dose of 1:2:3 THC:CBN:CBD, and Cloudberry, which is a stronger dose option at 5:1:1 THC:CBN:CBD.

Both products are made with all-natural flavors and colors, containing only one gram of sugar and five calories per gummy.

Licenses: 1. PLUS CDPH-10001901

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