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Eaze Team
Sep 29, 2020

When we toked about the interplay of sex and cannabis last year, we never imagined it would be put to the ultimate test. Covid has meant sheltering-in-place for those lucky or privileged enough to not be on the pandemic’s frontlines. The negatives of Covid are too numerous to list. But sheltering-in-place also means we can look at human behavior at home in a totally new way — and so, naturally, we wondered about the impact of Covid on people’s behavior around cannabis and intimacy.

To find out whether consumers’ choices about cannabis consumption during sex have changed in 2020, we tapped our sexpert friends at Playboy. Together, we launched a national survey measuring the role cannabis played in peoples’ bedrooms as Americans followed lawmakers’ and public health experts’ guidelines to stay home and social distance.

Titled “Cannabis and Sexual Satisfaction During the Covid-19 Pandemic,” we surveyed 827 consumers across the US, comparing cannabis use and sexual behavior prior to Covid-19 versus present day.

Key findings: 

  • Over two-thirds of respondents reported pairing sex with cannabis while sheltering-in-place.
  • Daily cannabis consumption increased and daily alcohol consumption decreased while people sheltered in place.
  • Flower saw the sharpest decline in usage, while edibles, vapes and prerolls saw a spike, and more people reported that cannabis helped them experience more orgasms.

Getting high and getting lucky went hand in hand

sex and cannabis quarantine75% of Americans surveyed reported pairing sex and cannabis during the shelter-in-place months:

  • 14.4% reported “always” consuming cannabis before sex;
  • 32.9% reported consuming it “very often”; and
  • 29% did so “sometimes.”

More cannabis led to more climaxing 

better sex with cannabisCannabis is helping those sheltering-in-place achieve more orgasms. Survey results showed a 5.6% increase in those who reported having more orgasms today, versus pre-Covid, while using cannabis.

Sexual satisfaction has also improved during shelter-in-place months: 22% reported they’re “extremely satisfied” with solo sessions (up from 18.7% pre-Covid) and 35% were “extremely satisfied” with partnered sex (up from 33.2% pre-Covid).

Covid-19 canceled sex for some

less sex during covidWhile sheltering in place may have encouraged more sexy time for some, not everyone’s having more sex. The number of people who reported having no sex in a typical month increased by 110%. There was a 20.8% decrease in sex 5 or 6 times a month, and a 27.3% decrease in sex 7 or 8 times a month.

Similarly, masturbation frequency and duration decreased in conjunction with cannabis use, with survey results showing a 16.9% decrease in those who masturbated 1 to 4 times a month pre-Covid versus now.

Going green AND going dry 

According to survey results, while daily cannabis use went up, daily alcohol consumption declined. Comparing pre-Covid with today, daily cannabis use increased by 3.2%, weekly use decreased by 18.4% and less than once a month usage increased by 7.1%.

less drinking more cannabisDaily drinking saw a 15.9% decrease pre-Covid versus today, and seemed to be replaced with once-a-week drinking, which increased by 24%. People who reported drinking 2 or 3 times per week decreased by 17.8%, and the share of people who reported “I don’t drink” increased by 9.5%.

Edibles had a massive moment 

Snack time took on a different meaning this year. Survey respondents seemed to get the memo from Eaze’s groundbreaking report, “Let’s Toke About Sex,” which found that THC-infused edibles and vapes were most effective at increasing the number of orgasms.

Comparing pre-Covid to present day, there was a 27.6% increase in edible use before sex, while preroll/joints and flower consumption decreased by 26% and 10.6% respectively.

more vaping less flower

Overall, respondents’ vape, edible, preroll/joint and topical consumption increased as their flower consumption decreased.

  • Vaping increased by 4.3%; preroll/joint increased by 3%.
  • Edibles increased by 13.8%.
  • Topicals increased by 100%.
  • At the same time, flower use decreased by 10%.
  • Drops/tinctures, capsules/pills and concentrates/dabs stayed the same.

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