We’re in Michigan! Great Deals for the Great Lakes State

Diana Gonimah
Oct 12, 2021

We’re officially in the Great Lake State and we already have some highly calculated deals for you. 

Whether you’re a daily dabber or cannacurious, we’re committed to bringing you the best blaze for your buck. During the month of November, we’re excited to share that you’ll get 15% when you spend more than $75, 20% off when you spend more than $125 and 25% off when you spend more than $200. 

*Order value must be above $75, $125 and $200 respectively BEFORE tax and delivery fees.

Check us out right here or download our app. Because no Michigander should ever have to look for parking, miss part of a Red Wings game, or have to wait til’ after work to get some bud.

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