How to Entertain, Relax, and Survive the Holidays

Eaze Team
Dec 2, 2017

For a season marketed as the happiest time of the year, the holidays have a lot to live up to. Whether you’re a put-up-the-tree-after-Halloween type, or less than stoked about the upcoming double dose of family time, the holidays are among us. The next couple of weeks are going to fly by with late nights packing bags, cramped commutes, coordinating work schedules, buying gifts, and all the other things you do because you want to (not because you have to!) for your family.

All of this selflessness is very impressive, but it’s easy to forget to take care of you. We’ve put together a couple secret solutions for how to grin and bear, or ideally (!) let yourself enjoy the holidays, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

image of breez marijuana mints

Heading home for the holidays

The flights and trains are expensive, the car rides are long, the vacation days could be better used on a getaway, but hey, it’s your family! These Breez mints are portable and super easy to consume. Just suck on one as you endure the inconvenient travel and feel your worries melt away. Relax, you’re almost home.

Image of someone dropping Ritual Anytime marijuana drops into beverage flutes

Living room (marijuana) mixology

Get your Instagram pose ready, this concoction is that cute. Mix up a CBD cocktail by dropping a bit of Ritual CBD into a glass of La Croix. Bonus points for champagne flutes (#aesthetic). This hangover-free drink has no sugar, and CBD is non-psychoactive so all your guests will be feeling is relaxation and bliss. The Ritual drops are filled with tasty essential oils and natural flavors like lemon, lime, and peppermint, so just pick your favorite LaCroix flavor and get to droppin’.

Image of Cloud Confections, a low dose marijuana edible

Everyone’s favorite +1

You’re way too classy to show up empty handed. What would your mom say? Skip the mediocre wine or filling eggnog and open up a tin of these delicious, lightly dosed Cloud edibles. One tin comes with more than enough to share and these mix well with a few drinks and light bites for those not going marijuana-only for the night.

Image of a woman holding a pack of Lucky420 marijuana prerolls

Blast from the past

Even if you’re in your best paparazzi dodging hat and glasses, you’re bound to run into a few familiar faces while you’re visiting home. Peel off those sunglasses and offer a few puffs of a Lucky 420 preroll to your long time friend. Nothing will be too awkward for you after this hits, and your friend will walk away with an impression of you that overrules any embarrassing moments from back in the day.

Image of a man listening to music while holding a marijuana vaporizer

Sneak off to your childhood bedroom

Just because you need some alone time doesn’t mean you’re selfish. Schedule out some time to listen to music in your old room or on the porch and not have to entertain anyone for an hour. It’s harder than it sounds. Tune everyone out with this Damian Marley vape cartridge. Its hybrid blend will leave you feeling relaxed, but still ready to hop back into reality after your vacation-from-your-vacation is over.

Image of Om Edibles Epsom Lavender cannabis-infused bath salts to be used in a bubble bath

Treat yo’ self (again)

If your headphones and chill sesh wasn’t enough, take self care to the next level with a bath from heaven. Epsom salts are already known to help with muscle aches and relaxation. Now imagine them infused with cannabis. The effect of this mineral soak by Om Edibles is purely physical relief, so you can layer in your favorite vape for double the fun, but just playing some music off your phone and closing your eyes or reading a magazine does the trick for us.

Image of Om Edibles Raw Sipping Cacao for a cannabis-infused treat

(Image by Om Edibles)

The big day is here. No pressure.

You’re here to spend time with your loved ones— just in case you forgot. Gather everyone around in the living room and bring out some cozy mugs of CBD infused hot chocolate made from this raw sipping cacao by OmEdibles. CBD is super family friendly, even for marijuana-virgins or skeptics. For anyone sensitive, you can easily control the dose by altering the amount you mix into hot chocolate or even mix just a tiny bit into coffee. If you top these with whipped cream it’ll be hard for anyone to say no.

Image of a man in the woods enjoying nature and his marijuana preroll

What’s better than NYE bottle popping?

Enter the new year with an alternative to sugary-champagne and spark up a pre-roll as the countdown begins. If you want to clink glasses at midnight, we understand. These Humboldt Farms prerolls work equally well leading up to a party or as you wind down from a long (maybe even wild) night. No assembly or effort required, so save all that for prepping your New Year’s Eve getup.

Image of a Select CBD marijuana vaporizer

Our secret to starting 2018 on the right foot

No one wants to kick off their new year with a hangover, even if the night before was worth it. Peppermint is known to soothe and relax, and CBD will help with that tenfold. Even if you spend the day on the couch or in bed, you’ll kick yourself for not having this all-in-one vape ready to go if your headache calls.

Image of a rose gold marijuana vaporizer

(Image by Sava)

New Year, Who dis?

Kickstart your motivation to get back to the real world by treating yourself to this fancy vape pen set by Bloom Farms. Ps. Rose gold is totally your color.

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