Eaze Celebrates Women’s Health Week With 60-Minute Yoga Sculpt Flow

Diana Gonimah
May 12, 2020

National Women’s Health Week is important to us every year, but 2020’s lack of predictability thus far underscores the importance of tending to our physical and mental health above all else. There’s a lot we can’t control right now, but we can be kinder to ourselves and more present.

To help us feel stronger and more centered, we’ve tapped some local talent! Jacquie Pethick, an LA-based yoga instructor and avid runner, will guide us through a free 60-minute, high-intensity, yoga sculpt vinyasa flow.

Yoga sculpt is a version of vinyasa yoga that combines high-intensity cardio and strength training accompanied by fun, upbeat music. This practice is perfect for celebrating women’s health week because it challenges you both physically and mentally.

“In order to get stronger, we need to defeat the voice inside our head that tells us that we’re not good enough or to give up,” Jacquie explains.

“In my classes, I encourage people to yell “Not Today!” in response to that voice when it pops up inside their heads,” she adds.

Jacquie hopes her class helps Eaze readers feel stronger holistically, rather than just physically, like they can take on the world. “Let’s face it, women are forced to deal with so much of society’s bullshit so having a tool like yoga sculpt to help release that stress and help build strength to deal with it, is so important.

Jacquie relieves muscle soreness after class with two heavenly products from beloved women-owned brands: Om Edibles and Mary’s Medicinals.

Don’t have 60 minutes to spare? Jacquie’s got you covered! She put together two short flows you can breeze through anytime this week!

If you’re WFH at a desk all day try this back-focused flow:

If you’re just getting back from a socially-distanced run:

Licenses: 1. Om Edibles, CDPH-10001131, 2. Mary’s Medicinals, CDPH-T00000155

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