Eaze becomes first cannabis partner of San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Eaze Team
Nov 4, 2018

We’re proud to partner with San Francisco Aids Foundation.

For the first time in its nearly four decades of providing services for people with HIV/AIDS, San Francisco AIDS Foundation is taking on a cannabis-industry partner – and it’s us!

The official partnership means Eaze, a marketplace on a mission to enhance safe access for legal cannabis, is a supporter of the upcoming San Francisco AIDS Foundation event Cannabis + HIV, part of a salon series exploring the relationship between cannabis and HIV.

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“As medical and recreational cannabis ordinances come into effect across the country, more people may be considering cannabis as a part of their treatment plans,” said Joe Hollendoner, San Francisco AIDS Foundation CEO. “We hope to provide information and create dialogue that the community can use to make decisions about their health and wellness.”

Cannabis and HIV have a long, deeply intertwined history: It was early HIV patients, suffering from the harsh-side effects of antiviral drugs in the mid- to late-1980s, who fought for access to desperately needed medical marijuana. Their efforts led to Proposition 215, which allowed California patients to get medical marijuana cards, and paved the way for modern legalization efforts throughout the U.S.

“Eaze has always aimed to be a trusted, credible source to educate consumers and provide safe and legal access to cannabis. We are proud to support San Francisco AIDS Foundation, its incredible clients, and the conversation around cannabis and HIV. Working together, we can ensure every patient who chooses to use cannabis can access it legally, safely, and consistently,” said Jennifer Lujan, Eaze’s director of social impact.

Cannabis + HIV is the fourth event in the 2018 First City Club salon program, an invitation-only series for First City Club members. The First City Club is a community of major donors whose support enables San Francisco AIDS Foundation to advance the ambitious goal of making San Francisco the first major city to achieve zero new HIV infections, zero HIV-related stigma, and zero AIDS-related deaths.

San Francisco AIDS Foundation works to eliminate new HIV transmissions and extend the longevity of people living with HIV through a network of direct programs and supportive services. Each year, more than 25,000 people look to San Francisco AIDS Foundation for access to sexual health services, substance use and behavioral health services, health navigation services, and community engagement programs.

Policy and public education initiatives are a critical part of supporting community health and wellness, and San Francisco AIDS Foundation advocates at all levels of government. Learn more at sfaf.org.

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