Cannabis Products to Help You Survive Dry January

Eaze Team
Jan 9, 2023

January 2023 is officially here, so you know what that means. Now that it’s the new year everyone is hopping on their new year’s resolutions. Lots of people are kicking off the year with the typical wellness goals: getting back in the gym, eating healthier, or undertaking the short-term resolution of kicking alcohol to the curb and participating in Dry January. Sure, sticking to your Dry January goals for an entire month can seem like a daunting task, but luckily Eaze can help get you through the month with a variety of cannabis products that are even better than booze.

Check out our favorite cannabis products to help you survive Dry January:


If your friends are looking to bar-hop or go out for a Sunday Funday brunch, not drinking may seem impossible. Luckily, Eaze offers several flower and preroll products that will elevate your social outing and even make your Eggs Benedict taste more delicious than ever. Smoke a bowl before you head out the door, or bring a couple of j’s to-go! Your besties may even want to join in on your smoke sesh!





If potentially smelling like weed isn’t your vibe and you’re looking for a quicker, more intense high, then vapes are the thing for you. Yes, your friends may be hitting their Juul, but you can be getting some sweet ganj instead – see?! alcohol and nicotine free! Check our our go-to 1g vape carts:




Edibles: Infused Drinks

While you may be assuming that edibles are just chocolates and gummies, Eaze also offers drinks that serve as the perfect mocktail for at-home enjoyment or a house party! Swap out your boring soda for some elevated sips with these delicious THC-infused drinks:


Pabst Blue Ribbon High Seltzer

Thunder & Lighting

Mad Lilly

So whattya say…Are you ready to make January 2023 the most lit Dry January yet?

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