DOSIST | Enjoying the power of ultra-precise cannabis dose control

Sandy Cohen
Aug 16, 2018

What is a ‘dose’ of inhaled cannabis, exactly?

Joints can be rolled fat or thin. Flowers and dabs vary in strength. Inhalations vary, too: One person might take a deep, powerful puff, while another takes tiny sips. With so little consistency in cannabis and consumption, users who want to benefit from its healing and wellness effects can unintentionally overdo it.

“People are using this as a medicine, and it’s the only medicine we see today where there’s no dose control,” says Josh Campbell, president of dosist, a company that set out to solve the dosing issue in 2016, and now offers the easiest, most exact dose in vape tech.

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“Even the alcohol industry has a better sense of dose control: a glass of wine, a can of beer,” Campbell says. “But cannabis didn’t have that. So people would be using cannabis to help sleep but become intoxicated, which is not what they wanted at all.”

The dosist answer is a proprietary vaporizer that regulates temperature and airflow to deliver a precise, 2.5 milligram dose every time. Its pre-filled dose pens vibrate and automatically shut off after three seconds of inhalation, providing a single dose of cannabis vapor. Six formulas are available, each based on the desired effect–bliss, calm, sleep, relief, arouse and passion–with corresponding terpene blends and THC:CBD ratios.

The formulas aren’t strain-specific, Campbell says, noting that a new user might be more interested in something to relax–and not so much in discerning between the effects of Chem Dawg and OG Kush. Instead, dosist formulas are standardized so that every pen is the same as the last, with each three-second inhale delivering the same 2.5mg dose.


Not all buds are created equal.

Every dosist pen is.

Like with any mass consumer product, dosist formulas are consistent–unlike flower, which can have wild variations even when you stick with the same strain and producer.

“You go for a can of Coke in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Toronto, it’s the same can of Coke,” Campbell says.

The company recommends one dose per hour for new users, and up to three for experienced ones.

Your bliss shouldn’t be a guessing game.

It’s not just precision. It’s quality.

If dosist’s proprietary dose pen is the hardware, Campbell says, its effects-based oil blends are the software. Both were meticulously designed and researched, with the pen reflecting cutting-edge technology and the formulas inspired by centuries-old traditions of using cannabis as a wellness tool.

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“The hardware was designed to work perfectly with the software, which are the formulas,” he says. “If you’re an Apple consumer, you expect it to work out of the box perfectly every time. And that’s what we’ve built.”

Previously known as hmbldt, dosist changed its name at the end of 2017 to reflect its commitment to precise, reliable dosing. And comparing the company’s early success to Apple’s might not be all that farfetched. Time magazine named the dose pen one of the 25 top inventions of 2016, and Fast Company considered hmbldt/dosist a finalist for its World Changing Ideas Awards last year.

Even Gwyneth Paltrow and Rachel Zoe have featured the brand on their lifestyle sites.

“The whole ethos and our vision is really to empower people to manage their own health,” Campbell says. “And one of the key ways to do it is to give them a consistent product that has dose control on it.”

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