The dosist holiday collection: All gifting should be this precise

Eaze Team
Dec 4, 2018

Cannabis and the holidays – together at last.

It’s the first holiday season that anyone 21+ can legally buy cannabis in California, and our friends at dosist have created the perfect gift to bring home to friends and family — meet the holiday get together kit.

The kit consists of two dose-controlled pens, one with their bliss formula, a THC-forward mood elevator, and another with their calm formula, a CBD-rich anxiety reducer, together with a limited edition carrying case.

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The elegantly grained gift boxes are about the size of a hardcover book, and include a handy carrying case that accommodates both pens. No need to wrap these – a simple bow will do it!

Eaze customers in the San Francisco area can have the holiday get together kit delivered to their door in about an hour (if you can see the product directly below, you can order it now – just click on the image to start your order and we’ll be on our way).

In addition to the holiday together kit, dosist also created four limited edition holiday kits. Each containing one dose pen 200 with 200 doses and a terpene-infused candle inspired by the terpene blend in each formula. Now available on Eaze in bliss, sleep, calm and relief.

Why dosist?

Dosist’s all-in-one recyclable vaporizer pens are safe, approachable and incredibly easy to use. Precision is their calling card – because they deliver an exact 2.25 mg dose every time, it’s the perfect way to introduce curious friends and family to the wellness benefits of cannabis, without the worry of overdoing it. All formulas are 88% cannabinoids and 12% terpenes – no additives or fillers.

This holiday season, why not give the gift of wellness and relaxation – all without having to leave home? That’s a triple-win that can make anyone feel calm and blissed during the holidays.

[Product(s) named in this story are registered under California license M12-18-0000057-TEMP]

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