EAZE CONCIERGE | Pet CBD essentials for ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’

Eaze Concierge Team
Jun 19, 2019

[Editor’s Note: Eaze Concierge is always there to answer questions and make recommendations for our customers navigating the legal cannabis landscape. In this series, the Concierge team brings you the best of the best!]

Take Your Dog to Work Day is here!

Friday is the 21st annual National Take Your Dog to Work Day, and if you’re planning to take your pup to the office, first things first: check your employer’s pet-visit policy.

But! Then, it’s time to optimize your furry friend for that big first impression. Besides a long walk, one proactive measure to make sure your pup has a chilled-out day at the office: CBD.

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Most dogs have some kind of anxiety, especially in environments with lots of people (and on this day, other dogs, too). To help keep your pooch’s visit smooth and incident-free, our experts on the Eaze Concierge team, who constantly monitor customer feedback and know our products inside and out, have a few tips and product recommendations.

And if you have any questions, Eaze Concierge is always at the ready!

Eaze Concierge recommends …

Select Pets Unflavored Drops – 30ml 750mg CBD.

[Click the image below to shop Therabis on Eaze Wellness.]

Why Select made the cut: Tons of great feedback from customers; one of our best-selling pet products.

Fast-acting: Puts your pup in a calm, relaxed mood in minutes.

Easy to administer: Unflavored for picky pups. Dropper clearly marked for easy dosing; provide orally or add to their favorite meal ahead of heading into the office.

Good for all sizes: Start out with 2-3 mg/10 pounds, and work your way from there.

Hemp Companion capsules from Bluebird.

[Click the image below to shop Bluebird on Eaze Wellness.]

Why Bluebird made the cut: Great for bigger dogs (50+ pounds) at 15mg per capsule.

Reliable results: Hide the pill easily in a dog treat or food, effects kick in 20-30 minutes later.

Full-spectrum hemp benefits: Made from the entire hemp plant (not just CBD pure distillate) for the added benefits of other cannabinoids and compounds.

Calm and Quiet Large Dog treats from Therabis.

[Click the image below to shop Therabis on Eaze Wellness.]

Why Therabis made the cut: Perfect for the largest breeds who suffer from stress and anxiety.

Dogs love these: Duh, they’re bacon-flavored! Which means you can administer them on the go, and they kick in at around 30 minutes.

Rule of thumb for CBD dosing: Start with the lowest dose, working your way up for desired effects.

CBD is not intoxicating, and is not known to cause adverse reactions, even at extremely high doses – you can always give your dog more if you see the initial dose isn’t providing relief after an hour. Once you find the right dose, take every eight hours or as needed.

And remember, never, ever give pets products that contain THC. It can be extremely unpleasant for them.

Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day, and … Enjoy the Momutt!

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