Did Marvel fans at Comic-Con cause this kooky cannabis sales spike?

Eaze Team
Jul 23, 2019

Stoners, assemble!

Comic-book culture and cannabis have always had a close allegiance, though you could scarcely tell at San Diego Comic-Con, where hawk-eyed security strictly enforces a no-smoking, no-vaping policy. But that doesn’t mean the cannabis enthusiasts in Hall H aren’t flying up, up, and away!

The must-see panel of 2019 came early Saturday evening, when Marvel Studios took its traditional slot at the height of ‘Con to announce the next phase of its cinematic universe. Several hours earlier, as badge-holders were already beginning to line up outside, Eaze was about to have a very busy morning.

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From the time we opened at 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., Eaze orders in San Diego accounted for 11% of all the day’s purchases – nearly three times more than the average first hour of the day (~4%), according to an analysis of internal data.

Could it be that Eaze true believers were stocking up on superhero supplies as they rolled out of bed?

Meanwhile, as the day progressed, another trend emerged: People were buying more edibles than usual. Edible cannabis accounted for 21% of purchases on July 20 in San Diego on Saturday, a significant leap across the category that normally accounts for about 15% of sales.

People line up outside Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con [Getty Images]

And it only makes sense.

As public consumption is not legal in San Diego (and most hotel rooms are non-smoking), what would you choose for a long day of walking around the crowded Gaslamp, hanging in line on the convention center lawn, and sitting for hours in Hall H?

Looks like you chose wisely, Comic-Con! We hope you enjoyed the moment, and we’ll see you next year!

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