Mercury in Retrograde was booming for California cannabis sales

Eaze Team
Aug 7, 2019

Enjoy the moment, survive the ‘Grade.

Mercury in Retrograde is that dastardly few weeks when everything just seems to go haywire. And this time around, California cannabis consumers clearly knew how to cope.

Eaze customers bought more marijuana products in July – which included Mercury’s longest retrograde phase of 2019 – than any previous month in our history. And whether you believe in astrology or not, this much is true: Different astrological signs respond uniquely to the onset of Retro (Cancers, believed especially sensitive to Mercury’s meanderings, saw an uptick from their already brisk buying habits).

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Wait – what’s Mercury in Retrograde?

Three or four times per year, as the Solar System’s innermost planet passes between Earth and the Sun, it appears to begin moving backwards. This phenomenon, caused in part by Mercury’s eccentric orbit, lasts around three weeks – a mere illusion of our rotating Earthbound perspective in astronomy.

Astrology sees it differently.

Those of us who are not scientists know Mercury in Retrograde as a convenient scapegoat for cranky co-workers, wonky Wifi, runaway wallets, softball team slumps, parking tickets, malevolent moods, anxiety avalanches, actual avalanches, and every other bad thing that seems to cluster around this cosmic clockwork calamity.

Maybe it’s nonsense, but believers know Mercury in Retrograde to be, quite simply, the worst. And it ain’t over yet – according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, 2019 has three Retro phases: March 5-28 (23 days), July 7-August 2 (26 days), and one coming up from Halloween (!!!) to November 20 (20 days).

The first days are the hardest days?

On July 7, as Mercury first appeared to be slipping on its orbit, two unusual things happened, according to Eaze internal sales data.

First, hybrid flower noticeably overtook sativa and indica that day – scrambling for balance, are we? – a highly unusual one-day change in buying behavior (for the rest of the month, indica picked up against hybrids and sativa in slight but noticable measure).

Second, topicals spiked in a big way, but came back down to Earth the following day. Probably a coincidence … but then it’s not hard to imagine the Retro-sensitive among us lathering on CBD-infused lotions and balms day and night for three weeks straight.

Cancers – you guys OK?

Of all the astrological signs, Cancer (June 21-July 22) is consistently a year-round top customer, due in part to the fact that Cancers are born during busy birth months. And though there’s no definitive study on which astrological signs are the most populous, it’s a fact that Eaze has more Cancer customers than any other.

But something happened during this past Mercury in Retrograde to get this water sign – which loves to hunker down in the sanctuary of home to begin with – staying in and buying even more marijuana than ever before.

Cancer-sign customers normally make up 8.9% of all total product sales in a given month. In July, their share of the total sales pie spiked up to 9.3% – the highest point of the year for Cancer. Some of that spike can be attributed to birthday promotions – but not all.

For whatever reason, while other signs fell in overall share, Cancer was on a Retro tear. Second-place Leo came in a full point behind at 8.3%.

Here’s how the signs ranked in terms of purchases during Mercury in Retrograde:

  1. Cancer
  2. Leo
  3. Virgo
  4. Gemini
  5. Taurus
  6. Aries
  7. Libra
  8. Capricorn
  9. Pisces
  10. Scorpio
  11. Sagittarius
  12. Aquarius

Somebody got vape-curious!

Looking at all current Eaze customers by age, patterns emerge in their preferences. The older you go, for instance, the less likely people are to buy vaporizers (and the more likely they are to use edibles).

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But during Mercury in Retrograde, Eaze saw a significant spike in people around the age of 70 buying cannabis oil vaporizers. That spike was specific to a small age group – slightly younger or older folks showed little change – and was one of the more dramatic anomalies during the retrograde phase.

We get it! Sometimes you just have to bring it with you – especially in Retro.

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