Cozy Up With Timeless Biscotti This Holiday Season

Taylor Engle
Dec 17, 2021

Timeless has been providing the cannabis industry with quality vape products for ten years. With an ever-evolving vision for efficient, safe, and discreet-to-use products, Timeless is one of the most innovative brands in the market, and their latest launch will have you relaxed and stress-free all holiday season.

The brand is dedicated to providing the industry with products that deliver, while also carrying on the legacy of the cannabis community and the brave souls who have forged the path we’re on today.

timeless biscotti vape cart delivery on eaze

Their latest release, Biscotti, is the perfect representation of that sentiment, carrying all of the characteristics that have drawn the community to the plant for so many years. 

Available through Eaze delivery for a limited amount of time, Biscotti is a subtly sweet strain that promotes relaxation and stress relief without having powerfully sedative effects. With a powerful and tasty terpene profile that includes peppery caryophyllene, herbal myrcene, and hoppy humulene, each pull will remind you of a snickerdoodle cookie. 

Timeless vapes are broken down into four categories: Energy (sativa), Chill (indica), and Rest (hybrid). Biscotti falls under Rest, the perfect choice for winding down during the jolliest (and most stressful) time of the year.

Biscotti is ideal for nighttime use, as it allows you to fully unwind and let go. With flavors that perfectly compliment your holiday hot-toddy or eggnog, you’re not going to want to put this cartridge down.

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LICENSE No. CDPH-10002269

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