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Eaze Team
Aug 7, 2019
[Editor’s Note: Eaze Concierge is always there to answer questions and make recommendations for our customers navigating the legal cannabis landscape. In this series, the Concierge team brings you the best of the best!]

Happy National CBD Day!

Wait … what?

That’s right: Thursday, Aug. 8, is National CBD Day.

And let’s face it, it doesn’t take much to get a “day” these days – hey, National Bowling Day is right around the corner! But when something comes along that changes people’s lives and wellness routines like CBD does, there’s good cause to celebrate.

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Started just last year by a national cannabidiol brand, National CBD Day is probably a few years from becoming an official bank holiday. Until then, those of us who benefit from the plant’s non-intoxicating compound are happy to honor the many ways it improves our lives.

For the second (annual?) CBD Day, individual members of our Eaze Concierge team chose their favorite cannabidiol products – all used for different reasons – from the Eaze Wellness menu.

Enjoy the holiday, even if you didn’t get the day off … yet!

Ryan: Mary’s Nutritionals drops (for anxiety)

Ryan says: “Having dealt with anxiety for my entire life, Mary’s drops were the first product that I ever tried that provided near-instant relief. All I need to do is place the drops under my tongue and within minutes my anxiety melts away. They taste great, are easy to dose, and fit right into your bag or purse for easy portability! These drops are the perfect way to start and end your day!”

Steph: Kino Hawaiian Coconut Mango Lip Balm

Steph says: “I keep a tube of this lip balm on my desk at home. If I feel my lips getting a little dry during the workday, I just slather Kino’s Coconut Mango Lip Balm on my lips and all is well again in the Universe. The tropical coconut aroma of this lip balm is like having a day at the beach in a tube. This is a summertime must-have!”

Kim: Wildflower Balms CBD+ Healing Stick (for pain)

Kim says: “Wildflower balms are a game changer and they have helped me feel more like me again. … These balms offer relief of aches and pains with a single application. I apply the balm directly to the spot where I am feeling pain, (in my case it’s my neck) and it works fast, within 10 minutes tops. If whatever you have is tough, try Wildflower – it’s tougher.” 

Mike: Bioactive XTEND Caps (for workout recovery)

Mike says: As a powerlifter, these capsules are my No. 1 choice for workout recovery! With 25mg of CBD per capsule alongside the added Glucosamine, Turmeric Root Powder, and Chondroitin, these help keep the post-workout aches and pains at bay. By starting my day with 1-2 capsules, I’m able to safely increase my workout intensity while recovering faster to take my routine to new heights!”

Alyssa: Be Tru Pain Relief Patches (for PMS symptoms)

Alyssa says: “These are a great ‘set it & forget it’ option and have been a lifesaver in relieving my PMS symptoms. No more lying around for 2-3 days every month! Half of a patch (about 12.5mg CBD) helps to relieve my cramps, nausea, back pain, and headaches so I can go about my day. I love that these can easily be cut in half or thirds to control my dose based off of my needs each month.”

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