CLASSIX | Pop in a mixtape and fight for your right to legendary weed

Eaze Team
Sep 18, 2018

Chemdawg. Sour Diesel. Blue Dream.

Around the time when the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Beastie Boys were remixing the culture on their respective coasts, a new generation of East Coast/West Coast legends was manifesting underground.

And by the mid-’90s, their names were getting out there, their mythology spreading in the analog channels of the day: Chem Dog, the original. Sour Diesel, the second-wave New York City sensation. And the mysterious Ancient One of the West Coast itself, Blue Dream.

Their fame was a secret language, a code passed between rebels and outliers. And if you ever got a hold of some? G, bring a whole sleeve of mixtapes – it’s gonna be a long night.

Remember that feeling? When cannabis was still rebellious, an adventure, cutting across the grain?

That it was … fun?

Classix remembers.

Eaze delivers cannabis and medical meridiana products to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and San Diego.
Classix premium Chemdawg4 cannabis flower.

Classix isn’t just three classic flower strains. It’s the classic flower strains. Coming your way in under an hour on Eaze, in a cassette-tape box you’ll definitely want to find some other use for – even if that’s just stacking them on a shelf.

Grown and sourced from legendary seeds by cannabis-veteran Los Angeles lifers who, even after all that’s changed in cannabis, are still gonna fight for their right to party.

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