Celebrating Lunar New Year With Eaze

Taylor Engle
Feb 12, 2021

Friday, February 12th marks the beginning of this year’s Lunar New Year, an annual Asian celebration that begins with the first new moon of the lunar calendar and ends fifteen days later, on the first full moon of the lunar calendar. Lunar New Year is a time of cleansing and renewal–a chance to honor ancestors, celebrate with family, and remove any lingering bad luck.

The fifteen-day celebration consists of money, dancing, a lantern festival, and tons of food. Steeped in thousands of years of tradition, the Lunar New Year is an exciting time for everyone involved. Get started with this dumplings recipe, this little astrology lesson, and a 20-minute self-massage brought to you by Nouera.

While the cannabis industry has been criticized for its lack of diversity, we’re seeing more and more positive shifts within the culture, and with that we are beginning to see an increase in Asian-owned cannabis brands and businesses. The plant has been somewhat stigmatized within the Asian community, and many business owners have had to deal directly with this cultural conflict.

Although there is evidence of cannabis use in Asian cultures dating back well into the B.C. years, the plant has remained a taboo subject among Asian communities for the past several decades. Today, many young Asian Americans who consume cannabis still struggle to come out of the “green closet” to their socially conservative family members.

Despite the stigma that remains, the number of Asian Americans who consume cannabis has slowly increased over the past decade, especially among those who were born in the U.S. As cannabis continues to legalize throughout the country, it becomes more and more important for this stigma to be removed and for open conversations surrounding the plant to occur.

Thankfully, the cannabis industry is seeing an increase in Asian business owners, brands, and entrepreneurs alike. Here are all of the Asian-owned brands offered on Eaze, each with their own focus, benefits, and motivation for de-stigmatization:


Founded by Cynthia Boedihardjo and Jessica Sharp, Nouera is an Asian American and women-owned conscious entertainment company based in San Francisco. Nouera’s mission is to destigmatize cannabis use and help bring its restorative properties to the community. The brand’s goal surrounds the “experience”–pairing inclusive, safe spaces surrounding entertainment and wellness with weed. Their preroll pack of 5, Smallz, emphasizes earthy and peppery tones known for their grounding effects. Each preroll offers the ideal amount to maintain a present, functional high.


Founded by Felicity Chen, Potli is an Asian- and women-owned brand focused on the cannabis culinary experience. Potli began with the pursuit of the perfect infused honey and has since evolved to contain a variety of infused condiments that target different needs, like immunity, sleep, energy, pain relief, and overall wellness. Their THC chili oil and THC sriracha make for a spicy kick to any meal–complete with a hazy, happy aftermath. Felicity is born and raised in California, and has committed to sourcing all Potli’s delicious ingredients from her home state.

Sundae School

Branded as a “Higher Education Institution,” Sundae School requires a minimum GPA of 4.20. Conceptualized in Korea and designed in New York, Sundae School offers boutique smokewear for the fashion-conscious stoner–and they’re beginning to sell flower throughout California. Their indica hash-infused preroll is the perfect nightcap to a long day–essential for a moment of relaxation.


Founded by California native James Kim in 2017, STIIIZY isn’t just a cannabis brand–it’s part of the culture. Inspired by the Cali slang word “steez” (style meets ease), STIIIZY is meant to emulate Cali culture surrounding cannabis, which has always been prominent. We offer a variety of STIIIZY cartridge strains to try out–a different flavor and experience for every occasion.


K-Zen was founded by Judy Yee, an Asian American woman and former athlete who became interested in cannabis as an adult to help recover from workouts. She combined her new passion for cannabis with her extensive experience in the healthy food and beverage space to create K-Zen, a company dedicated to improving the way people enjoy cannabis. K-Zen offers beverages for different types of health-conscious consumers looking for a delicious and consistent cannabis experience. Products available from K-Zen include Mad Lilly spritzers and sleep tonic with low-dose cannabinoid blends and real fruit juices; as well as S*SHOTS, a drink that gets straight to the good stuff with fruity, juicy shots high in THC.


This family-, Black-, woman- and Asian-owned brand is new to the cannabis scene, but not wasting any time. Their pre-rolls are specifically curated to summon creative energy for the highest-functioning of connoisseurs.

Licenses: 1. Potli CDPH-10002242 2. Sundae School CDPH-10002044 3. STIIIZY CDPH-10003246 4. S*SHOTS CDPH-10003710

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