How CBD can create better sex without getting high

Eaze Team
Sep 19, 2019

Can CBD improve sex? Let us count the ways.

Though cannabis has dabbled in the realm of aphrodisiacs for centuries, CBD – the hemp-derived compound that doesn’t get you high – has only recently been explored in the bedroom. Though people are already using CBD products for everything from improving orgasms to painful sex, its effects had yet to be formally studied or quantified in any meaningful way.

That is, until Eaze Insights partnered with Lioness, maker of smart vibrators that track orgasms and other biometrics, to study the effects of cannabis on sex and pleasure – including CBD alone.

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It turns out that CBD can be an effective, low-key way to create faster, more satisfying orgasms. Although the survey of hundreds of Lioness customers determined that THC (marijuana’s psychoactive compound) was marginally more effective at enhancing pleasure, CBD – like most people who use it – fared pretty well by itself!

“CBD does have similar effects to THC when it comes to having greater enhanced sexual pleasure,” says Molly Peckler, founder of cannabis-friendly matchmaking service Highly Devoted.“And unlike THC, you can’t take too much – especially with CBD-infused sexual lubricants, which is a great way for people to explore if you’re worried about getting high or the sense of losing control.”

Peckler also advises planning ahead a little, since CBD in all its forms tends to take between 10-30 minutes to take effect.

“For some people, that seems like ‘scheduling sex.’ I know it doesn’t seem very sexy, but it will ensure that you and your partner stay connected and stay intimate. I’ve said it a million times: it really does help you be present and allow you to be there with your partner and enjoy that intimate time.”

What are the best CBD products for the bedroom, and how much should I take?

The good news is, there’s no wrong way to take CBD! The bad news: there’s no wrong way to take CBD.

Which is to say, a huge array of options await you, including CBD edibles, drops, tinctures, capsules, and vaporizers – and that’s not even to mention all the topical lubricants, creams, balms and oils, some of which are specifically designed specifically for sex and intimacy.

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It really comes down to what you need CBD to do for you.

Ingestibles and vaporizers interact with endocannabinoid receptors throughout the body, creating a sense of what people describe as balance, calm, and well-being – without any intoxication. Folks who use CBD to quiet their everyday anxieties can find that it enhances pleasure by getting you focused and in the mood to enjoy the moment.

“It’s so much easier to focus and be present in the moment when you use cannabis, when you’re not distracted, and focused the person infant of you,” Peckler says. “It makes perfect sense.”

Topicals and lubricants interact with the abundance of cannabinoid receptors in the tissues of sex organs and other sensitive areas particularly well, making them great for not only enhancing pleasure, but for quieting discomfort that some people feel during intercourse.

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The interesting case for CBD vapes and edibles.

When it comes to achieving orgasm faster, and more often, vaporizers and edibles seemed to be the key, according to Eaze Insights.

According to Lioness data, CBD helped masturbation sessions last longer — for each individual, CBD increased median time masturbating by 51% (compared to sober). The survey also found that climax arrived 15% faster when CBD was involved, and raised the average number of orgasms per session from 1.2 (sober) to 1.57.

The CBD vape, in particular, produced the most subjective reports of effortless orgasms.

Whichever way you choose, there’s little doubt that cannabis – and now CBD, too! – can be a safe and healthy way to experience more satisfying sex. Experiment, have fun, and enjoy the moments!

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