Good night, stress! 5 CBD evening rituals to soothe the day away

Margaux Lushing
May 14, 2019

Winding down takes commitment, too!

The power of simple nighttime ritual for easing a stressed mind, a tense body, and strained senses is familiar to anyone who has prepared a pre-bedtime mug of tea or glass of wine.

After a long day of managing careers or households (or both!), our body is so ready to decompress. Unfortunately, we too often bring that stress of the day into our evenings by reading just two, or 10, last emails – or rehashing a frustrating conversation with a family member.

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If we instead make room in our evenings for self-care rituals that soothe the mind and body, we have no more room for obsessing over the day’s demands. If the single act of pouring hot tea has the power to ease you into a calmer state, imagine what dedicating an entire evening to rejuvenating self-care can do!

Many Eaze Wellness partners have created beautifully sourced products with the intent of inspiring just that: a whole mind-and-body reset, facilitated by restorative CBD rituals. Entire brands are built upon signaling through our endocannabinoid systems that its time to let go.

Ready to start your new recharge ritual? Here are five our favorite picks for the ultimate soothe-the-day-away self-care evening.

Relax, Relieve, or Sleep bath bombs from Kush Queen

Kush Queen makes a line of beautifully scented bath bombs with formulations to address specific needs. When muscles are sore from a tough workout, Relieve soothes with clove, birch, and rosemary essential oils. Or when a busy mind needs some assistance in switching from repeatedly running through tomorrow’s to-do list to ‘zzzz…’, the Sleep bomb’s combination of citrus reticulata, origanum majorana, and lavender together regulate circulation, relax muscles, and calm the mind.

Calm capsules from Shanti Wellness

Just looking at Shanti’s Ayurvedic-inspired violet glass bottle can spark a whole evening’s worth of Gwyneth-approved wellness undertakings. One capsule containing 25 grams of a hemp-derived, anxiety-busting Calm formulation is an easy way to start a quiet evening in.

Classic Dark Chocolate Bar from Vital Leaf

Sourced from organic, vegan, fair trade and regenerative plant sources, and free of high glycemic sweeteners or artificial flavors, Vital Leaf’s Classic Dark 73% cacao chocolate bar is an easy way to turn a simple wellness night into something truly decadent. Try pairing with the aforementioned mug of hot, calming tea (or even that glass of wine).

Lavender Hemp sleep mask from Kana

If your face can’t help but reflect a day’s stress in the form of acne or redness, both results of inflammation, Kana’s Lavender sleeping mask might be worthy of your nightstand. Made of 28 active botanicals, as well as sativa-derived hemp seed rich in vitamins A and E, and phytocannabinoids for an infusion of antioxidants, it’s a powerful way to see results the morning after a restful night in. Learn more about Kana here.

Ignite CBD Lube from Kush Queen

Sexual wellness is a trending topic for a reason: it’s one of the most powerful ways to reduce stress and give your brain a break. Ignite’s CBD-enriched, water-based lube is sex toy-friendly for solo nights in and latex-friendly for evenings where a self-care ritual for two is in store. A paraben-free, petrochemical-free formulation means it’s suitable for sensitive skin types.

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