How this healthy-travel startup founder uses CBD for jet lag

Margaux Lushing
Nov 13, 2018

Editor’s note: Margaux Lushing is the founder of healthy travel startup Well + Away, makers of healthy city guidebooks for wellness-minded travelers called the Well + Away VitalGuides. Well + Away has been featured in several media outlets including The New York Times, and has launched two new guidebooks this fall, including one for San Francisco (Eaze readers can use the promo code EAZE15 for 15% off any of these truly vital city guides, and travel like a healthy local!).

As a healthy city guide series editor and founder, I get around.

My schedule alternates between trying out back-to-back yoga and fitness classes for the Well + Away VitalGuide series and long stretches of sitting on planes and in cars to visit hotel clients who stock our healthy VitalKits for guests. Most of the time in-between is spent writing about these experiences from a desk. Which means that my lower back is chronically grumpy.

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Pair this with some form of jetlag about 25% of the time and what you get is the reason I have become a major fan of CBD, in basically any and all forms.

Margaux Lushing [photo courtesy of the author]
Over the last few years, I have fine-tuned my CBD regimen by figuring out which topical products are best for any acute lower back pain and which edibles and vaping ones work best to aid in jetlag and more general lower back aches. Honestly, in the beginning I wasn’t even convinced of CBD’s benefits – I was using some of the more diluted products and ones that just didn’t work for me. But eventually my trial-and-error experimenting paid off.

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It wasn’t until I discovered some particular topical brands that I really started seeing a difference: in regulating my sleep cycle to deal with travel, and for soothing muscles and inflammation to combat lower back creakiness. I first discovered the BODY Pain relief patch by Be Tru Organics and the Lion Balm roll-on after a particularly aggravating yoga class. I was trying a variation of a backbend pose that I needed major assistance with, and when the person assisting didn’t give me as much as I needed, I knew I strained something.

Then I had to get on a plane for six hours to the East Coast. Not fun.

After I returned home, I went big on a voyage into the possibilities of CBD and self-care.

After trying a number of ointments, I found it was the Be Tru patch that worked best for acute pain and the Lion Balm for a pain relief boost right before bed. I also learned that taking a small dose of Dosist’s Calm or Relief pens felt like they lessened the general inflammation and thus the pain in general.

Ready for bath time [photo courtesy of Margaux Lushing]
As a longtime fan of baths, I started incorporating the Om Edibles Epsom Salt Mineral Soak (THC, not CBD, but so luxurious and really gets me in the mood for a deep sleep) into my nighttime unwinding and anti-jetlag routine. I also booked an appointment at The NOW massage studio in Los Angeles to try their new CBD massage – which was basically a religious experience.

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The at-home CBD routine alone is now my go-to when I push it too far in a workout or after a long flight. The bath soak is a gift I give to myself to ensure a solid night’s sleep, and the CBD massage is the cherry on top when I really want to go for it. When I can’t fit a massage in, I’ll try to convince my fiance to apply my Lion Balm in and give me a 10 minute massage. I repeat the nighttime routine as long as I need it.

I’d love to know if you have tried any of the above and if it’s worked for you. And for anyone looking to upgrade their travel routine to feel amazing on the road, please check out our VitalGuides and use code EAZE15 for 15% off.

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