CBD for SUNBURN | The most soothing CBD products for summer skincare

Margaux Lushing
Jul 8, 2019

It can happen to the best of us.

Summer’s only just getting going, and already I’ve fried my shoulders on an impromptu horseback ride and accidentally added a few more freckles to my nose on an early morning surf session.

Sunblock failed me both times and I spent the days following my outdoor adventures whining about my firey skin and avoiding my dermatologist. In the aftermath of my early-summer, skin-protecting transgressions, I’ve explored the best post-sun soothers to do damage control and avoid any repeats. And, yes, I am looking into a new sunblock.

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Here are the most nourishing, healing, skin-protective salves and treatments to soothe sun-kissed (or sun-blasted) skin, available now for immediate shipping on the Eaze Wellness platform.

Burnout Elite Topical Mist by Mary’s Nutritionals

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The very first ingredient listed in Burnout Elite Tropical Mist is aloe vera water, the gold standard in sunburn treatment. Accompanied by almond oil, Vitamin E oil, German blue chamomile and other soothing essential oils and extracts known for healing damaged skin, this blend adds 250 mg of CBD for added anti-inflammatory benefits. Weighing in at a TSA-approved 2.7 ounces, it’s an easy skin calmed to toss in weekender bags and carry-ons.

Vertly Rose Lip Butter

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For wind-chapped or sunburned lips, Vertly’s trifecta of natural skincare’s favorite organic butters: shea, cacao and kokum gently moisturize while protecting sensitive skin. Vertly fans know this rose-scented balm isn’t just a lip-saver, but works just as well as a spot treatment for hands, burns and rough skin.

Kush Queen Relieve CBD Bath Bomb

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For burns in hard-to-reach places or resulting from unevenly applied sunblock, sometimes the only way to soothe the fire is with a cool bath. Kush Queen’s Relieve Bath Bomb is made with a selection of pain-relieving essential oils such as clove, birch and rosemary; as well as extra virgin olive oil and CBD to boost the nourishing.

Jade Facial Roller from Hora Skin Care

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Jade rollers can do wonders for relieving anxiety stored in facial muscles, but when popped into the fridge for an hour or two, can also cool hot skin after a day in the sun. Most natural skincare experts recommend rolling outward, and not forgetting to get into the brow area and jaw area to work out any anxiety stored in these muscles. Try a cooling serum underneath the roller for adding chill.

LIT Hemp Facial Oil from Kana

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Made from a moisture-drenching combination of macadamia, jojoba, argan and hemp oils, and collectively packing a wallop of omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 7, LIT’s facial oil is an easy overnight solution to parched, sun-exposed skin. While it may be best-known as a facial oil, the hyper-hydrating of 16 premium oils can be a luxurious body soother.

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