CBD Father’s Day gifts for every kind of Dad

Margaux Lushing
Jun 5, 2019

Dads like to chill, too!

What a treat to get to share our favorite, THC-free cannabis finds with the man whose stash of sad, dry weed we once discovered at the back of a sock drawer.

And instead of old shake from a co-worker, we get to treat him to the decadent, THC-free wonders of CBD. From dads who keep their favorite vape pen at arms-reach to those who are curious to dip a toe in the canna-pool, these are our favorite Father’s Day finds from Eaze Wellness for every kind of dad.

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The Weekend Gardener Dad.

Hemp prerolls from Soul Addict: You know what a dad who spends his Sunday morning weeding, pruning, and hauling bags of fertilizer around the backyard (or fire escape, hi, urban gardener dads!) deserves? A moment of al fresco calm, complete with an ice-cold beverage, non-psychoactive pre-roll and his favorite sandwih. With no THC, this is a satisfying smoke that won’t get dad spun out for the day, and contains all the benefits of CBD. Father’s Day solved!

Click the image below to shop Soul Addict prerolls.

The Supplement Dad.

2Rise Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Capsules: With kitchen and bathroom cabinets stuffed full of joint/neuro/muscular/sleep/herbal supplements, many of which have been expired for three years or more, it’s time for a supplement renovation. Pitch in to help with a cabinet declutter, and restock with this masculine-looking, chicly bottled container of calming CBD. Packed with a whopping 30 mg of CBD per serving, dad will definitely know whether it works for his needs.

Click the image below to shop 2Rise Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Capsules.

The Gadget-Collector Dad.

G Pen Gio from Grenco Science: The ultimate cannabis gadget. You can swap in one of many CBD cartridges (hint: strawberry mint and peach are quite nice!) or if your state allows, swap it out for the many THC versions. It’s versatile and has a substantial weight to it that makes the device feel like a luxury.

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Click the image below to shop the G Pen Gio from Grenco Science.

The Doggy Dad.

Therabis Dog Treats: Two canine CBD formulations, Up and Moving or Calm and Quiet, are part of the growing trend of CBD for canine wellness. For dog dads who are managing arthritis in their older companions, or for those trying to keep up with energetic puppies, this thoughtful, affordable gift might just be his favorite.

Click the image below to shop Up and Moving CBD dog treats from Therabis.

The Closeted Spa Lover (any Dad, really).

Burnout topical mist + Calm Bomb from Mary’s Nutritionals: A man who delights in a day of mani-pedi-massage may be a rare breed, but show me any dad who wouldn’t love to soak in a hot bath, uninterrupted by kids or work, occasionally cooling off with a CBD-packed topical mist. He would never buy it for himself, but you bet this DIY spa combo will be the highlight of his week.

Click the image below to shop Burnout Topical Mist from Mary’s Nutritionals.

Click the image below to shop Calm Bomb from Mary’s Nutritionals.

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