BLOOM FARMS | Organic hemp tinctures from a name you know and trust

Sandy Cohen
Feb 25, 2019

Certified organic, socially conscious relief.

Bloom Farms did not enter the CBD market lightly.

Already a leader in socially conscious cannabis — the California company has donated more than 1.5 million meals to local food shelters through its 1-for-1 mission — Bloom Farms spent more than 18 months developing its new CBD tinctures, even as demand for anything containing cannabidiol soared.

“The real pivot was, how were we going to leverage what we know about CBD from the cannabis side of our business and put it into a format that really works universally for everybody, whether you know about cannabis or not,” Sally Nichols, President of Bloom Farms CBD, tells Eaze.

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What Bloom Farms knew for sure was that its new CBD division would be based on the same values of social responsibility and community connection the company was founded on in 2014. Nichols says their No. 1 core value is “give something amazing back.”

Besides creating an exceptional CBD product, they’d have to do it in a sustainable way – which meant insisting on only using 100% USDA Certified Organic hemp to source CBD. Organic hemp doesn’t just create a cleaner product, Nichols says, it supports healthier farming practices.

“Hemp is a bio-accumulator, which means it really sucks up everything in the soil. So for us, having USDA certified organic hemp was critical,” she says.

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A proven partner.

Bloom Farms began its food-donation program in 2015 – an eternity ago in cannabis years – and has never relented. That same tenacity for social good runs through everything they do.

“We see cannabis as an economic and socially transformative industry,” Nichols says. “From the beginnings of our sourcing all the way through to the sale of our product and our 1-for-1 program, we consider the implications of our business on cities, communities, soil, pretty much all across the board, with the intention of creating a socially responsible, community driven product.”

But finding certified organic hemp wasn’t easy, because certification is only given to farmers participating in industrial hemp programs, which have strict government oversight and are only offered in a few states.

“The fact that we actually have a USDA certification for the farm and the hemp itself was a cornerstone for us in developing the product,” Nichols says.

The new full-spectrum CBD tinctures, available in Balance and Relieve, are also made with 100% USDA Certified Organic MCT oil and without any solvents or additives.

Click the image below to shop Bloom Farms Relieve tincture.

In keeping with the company’s mission, for every bottle sold, Bloom Farms will provide a meal for someone in need. But the thoughtfulness behind the brand’s new division doesn’t end there.

Nichols supported local small businesses when building its new Southern California headquarters, buying supplies from mom-and-pop shops rather than big-box stores. And the new CBD division is part of Bloom Farms’ larger diversity initiative, which pledges gender parity among its suppliers by next year.

“We have a long history of caring deeply about agriculture and deeply about the communities we operate in,” she says, referring again to the company’s core values. “It drives a fundamentally different mindset.”

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