CANNDESCENT | Which of these innovative cannabis effects is for you?

Sam Laird
Mar 13, 2019

How do you want to feel?

Choosing a strain that gives you precisely what you need doesn’t require a fancy education. But it helps.

“You literally need to be a weed scientist in order to make a purchase these days,” says Canndescent co-founder and CEO Adrian Sedlin.

Even experienced marijuana consumers may not know which of their favorite strains is ideal for certain purposes. Canndescent has given that a lot of thought – and even more research, ensuring every experience is consistently as-expected.

“Consumers should only need to know one thing to be able to make a purchase, and that’s ‘How do I want to feel?’” says Sedlin.

The signature effects.

Canndescent classifies all of its flower, prerolls, and vape cartridges into effects profiles, three of which are available on Eaze. In the company’s own words, they are:

  • Calm: For restful sleep, relaxation or relief.
  • Create: When it’s time to paint, jam, code, blog or game.
  • Charge: To get off the couch, take a run or go out for the night.

Flower is analyzed for cannabinoids and terpenes at harvest, and results determine which classification the plant material is best suited for. Regular focus groups of about 100 consumers test each harvest to ensure their experience matches these descriptions.

The effects-specific approach is resonating in a major way with California cannabis consumers, who consistently make Canndescent rank among the state’s top-selling flower brands in several categories. And it was also the first cannabis company to win a Red Herring Top 100 award for technology and life sciences startups.

“It’s about reliability and consistency,” Sedlin says. “If you buy Calm, for example, we can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be an identical experience every time.”

‘Virgin’ cannabis.

But it’s not just a handy classification system that’s made Canndescent a hit. The company is first-class in every aspect of its production process.

“We’ve trademarked the phrase ‘virgin cannabis’ — we want you to be the first to touch the flower,” Sedlin says. “But this concept is more used to describe the care and concern we put into every step.”

That process begins in pesticide-free, small-batch grow operations, where cultivators are able to control the environment “literally down to the square inch,” Sedlin says. Environmental variables including temperature, humidity, oxygen, and carbon dioxide levels are monitored and tagged to a database every 60 seconds.

Whole plants are then hung as part of a flushing, drying, and curing stage that lasts 60 days. Trimming is done exclusively by hand. Product is handled only by the stem, thus making good on the “virgin cannabis” promise that Canndescent flower hasn’t been touched before reaching the customer.

All the extra fuss, analysis, and complex technology serves the same goal as Canndescent’s uncomplicated flower names: make enjoying cannabis simpler.

“We want to be thing that people look forward to when they come home on a Friday or have had a tough Tuesday,” Sedlin says. “We really value playing that role.”

[Product(s) named in this story are registered under California license C11-18-0000027-TEMP]

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