Cannabis Tolerance: Can You Hang?

Taylor Engle
Dec 9, 2020

If you’ve been dabbling in the cannabis game for a decent amount of time, you might have noticed some changes to your habit. While one good hit used to send you to outer space, now you find yourself having to pack bowl after bowl just to feel a buzz. You’re not imagining things: building a cannabis tolerance is definitely possible, but it’s also easy enough to fix if need be.

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that it’s possible to build up a cannabis tolerance–as with alcohol, pain, and any other number of substances or experiences, our bodies are constantly working to adjust to our surroundings, and that includes what we are ingesting. However, what does it really mean to have a high tolerance for cannabis?

The cannabis plant has a variety of elements that contribute to its ultimate dankness. From CBD to CBN to THC, there are many different ways to utilize weed to your benefit. While cannabinoids like CBD and CBN are non-psychoactive and more healing, THC is the infamous cannabinoid responsible for the stereotypical “high” that users tend to experience.

A developed tolerance to cannabis will not only weaken the psychoactive effects of THC–it will also alter the therapeutic effects that the plant’s other elements are known for. If you’ve found yourself having to increase your intake to get stoned, or perhaps you’ve had to up your dosage in order to get a good night’s rest, you know what we’re talking about.

When THC enters our bodies, it binds to our CB1 receptors, and this is responsible for the high we feel. However, when our CB1 receptors are exposed to THC at a frequent rate, they may dysregulate, forcing the consumer to increase their THC levels for effect.

The good news is, however simple it is to develop a high tolerance to cannabis, it’s even simpler to reverse. Taking a break from smoking or ingesting cannabis for a few days is typically all you need to reset your body and feel the full effects of the plant once again.

The length of your tolerance break will depend entirely on you, your body, and how frequently you ingest cannabis to begin with. We recommend taking at least 48 uninterrupted hours without using any form of cannabis, but if you’ve been heavily smoking for several years or just have a higher tolerance to begin with, you may want to consider lengthening your break to a week or longer.

The longer you’re able to wait, the greater your reward will be once you decide to pick up your greens again. Of course, if youHowever, be cautious not to wait too long, or you may end up experiencing an overly-intense high school-esque high–although that might just be your goal!

Once you decide you’ve had enough of a break, it’s always best to start out small. Rather than jumping right back into it with a joint in each hand, take baby steps to ensure that your newfound lower tolerance doesn’t shoot back up immediately. Again, this will depend entirely on your body and the amount you’re ingesting, but no one knows you better than you. Proceed with caution, and enjoy your break while it lasts–the greens will be ready whenever you are.

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