Cannabis Titan Brand STIIIZY Now Available on Eaze

Taylor Engle
Dec 22, 2020

While California is home to many well-known cannabis brands, there is one brand that continues to sit a cut above the rest as far as natives are concerned. Founded by James Kim in 2017, STIIIZY is one of the fastest growing cannabis brands in the world, and it just grew a little more.

Over the past three years, STIIIZY has expanded from being known as a new cannabis vaping brand to a whole lifestyle, originally inspired by the Cali-coined slang word, “steez” (the convergence of style and ease). So, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that STIIIZY has officially partnered with Eaze, now officially offering its elite cannabis products for delivery on our site.

STIIIZY changed the way we viewed cannabis with its battery system back in 2017. The device itself consists of a 210mAh rechargeable battery that is both discreet and easy to use with automatic inhale activation. Their STIIIZY Starter Kit is superior in the market because it is one of the only systems that can guarantee a solid experience – it works exclusively with their in-house made pods. From the device to their own premium pods, STIIIZY’s complete proprietary ownership of the entire experience guarantees an experience like no other.

STIIIZY’s Senior Vice President of Sales, Charmaine Chua, explains that “Our customers love STIIIZY because we know how to deliver a solid high and we’re consistent about it. We’ve won several awards for our technology and we’re constantly doing R&D to improve the experience for our community.” These awards include High Times’ “#1 Best Portable Vaporizer,” “Best Flavors THC Oil,” and “Best THC Cartridge,” just to name a few. “Our newest pod, King Louis XIII, is extremely popular – it’s mango-flavored and is the perfect nightcap to relax and unwind. But for the connoisseurs, I recommend our Cannabis Derived Terpene line (like Super Green Crack) for that more natural terpene profile, or our Live Resin line (like Orange Float) for that full-spectrum entourage effect.”

Ever since STIIIZY was conceived, the brand has had one core message that explains the essence of its product: cannabis for the culture. Representing the newest generation of modern THC delivery systems, STIIIIZY’s award-winning vaping devices boast discretion, portability, and convenience.

In today’s uncertain and socially-distanced climate, the brand’s collaboration with Eaze couldn’t have come at a better time for the STIIIZY community. While many cannabis vaporizers on the market can be faulty, unreliable, difficult to use, or easy to break, STIIIZY remains conscious of what consumers are looking for, providing vaporizers that are intuitive to use, sturdy, and packed with a flavorful punch. They’re perfect for work use (depending on your job, of course), travel, or controlling your intake.

Alongside its renowned vaporizer technology, STIIIZY now offers sixteen of its pods for delivery, both in 0.5 gram and 1 gram. From classic stoner favorites like Pineapple Express and Blue Dream to lesser-known strains like Blue Burst or Orange Float, STIIIZY’s strains offer a variety of experiences. Whether you’re trying to catch a long night of sleep or throw yourself into a burst of creative energy, STIIIZY has the pod for you.

Licenses: 1. STIIIIZY CDPH-10003246

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