Cannabis Products to Help You Survive Dry January

Eaze Team
Jan 18, 2024

January 2024 has arrived, and you know the drill. It’s that time of the year when everyone’s jumping on their new year’s resolutions. Many are starting off with the usual wellness aspirations: hitting the gym, opting for healthier eats, or taking on the short-term challenge of ditching alcohol for Dry January. Sticking to your Dry January goals might feel like a bit of a challenge, but fortunately, Eaze has your back with an array of cannabis products that are even more exciting than your usual boozy options. Cheers to a fantastic start to the year!

Check out our favorite cannabis products to help you survive Dry January:


If your buddies are all about hitting the bars or heading out for a Sunday Funday brunch, the idea of not drinking might sound like a buzzkill. Well, fear not, because Eaze has got your back this Dry January with a variety of flower and preroll products that can take your social escapade up a notch and make your Eggs Benedict taste better than ever. Spark up a bowl before you hit the door, or grab a couple of joints to-go! Your pals might even want to join in on your smoke session!

Dry January - Gelato Kush - 3.5g Cloud - Flower

Gelato Kush – 3.5g – Cloud

Known for its potent effects and appealing aroma, Gelato Kush is a cross between Gelato and Bubba Kush, resulting in a blend of relaxing body high and euphoric cerebral effects. It typically offers a combination of relaxation, happiness, and creativity. Weight: 1/8 oz. (License No. C11-0000532-LIC)

Lemon Jack - 7g Circles Base Camp - Dry January Flower

Lemon Jack – 7g – Circles Base Camp

Lemon Jack is known for its uplifting and energetic effects. It typically offers a citrusy, lemony aroma and flavor profile, often accompanied by a hint of earthiness. This strain is cherished for its ability to boost mood, increase focus, and provide a burst of creativity. Lemon Jack is favored by those seeking a daytime strain that can inspire productivity and a sense of euphoria without inducing excessive sedation. Weight: 1/4 oz. (License No. C11-0000532-LIC)

Cereal Milk- 1g Cookies - Prerolls, Dry January

Cereal Milk- 1g – Cookies

There’s always extra flavor at the bottom of the bowl. Bred in collaboration with Powerzzzup. Terpene profile is a one-of-a-kind creamy, fruity, gas combo with a sweet cream and sugar flavor that instantly brings back memories of cereal-dyed slurps of milk on Saturday morning. Flavor: Creamy and fruity with a hint of gas. Aroma: Sweet sugary cream. Effect: Relaxed body feel with a happy head high. Weight: 1g. (License No. C11-0001135-LIC)

Apples & Bananas Infused 2-Pack - 1g Everyday - Preroll pack, Dr January blog

Apples & Bananas Infused 2-Pack – 1g – Everyday


If the idea of possibly smelling like weed isn’t your style and you’re after a faster, more intense high, then vapes are the way to go. While your pals might be hitting their Juuls, you could be enjoying some sweet ganj – see? It’s alcohol and nicotine-free! Check out our favorite vape products:

Peaches & Dream - 1g Surplus - Vape Cart

Peaches & Dream – 1g – Surplus

Peaches ‘N Dream blends an exhilarating Sativa high, with a mouthwatering, fruity, creamy, and damn delicious flavor that will have you puffing on the pod like a post-dessert dessert. Compatible with USB Universal Battery, sold separately on Eaze. Weight: 1g License No. CDPH-10003641

Bliss Plus LRTE Dosist - AIO Vape Pen Eaze Delivery

Bliss Plus LRTE – Dosist

bliss plus features the purest high potency distillate combined with live resin terpene extract from pink lemonade for an uplifting, focused and energizing effect with fruity and citrus notes. All-in-one pen. Weight: 0.25g. (License No. C12-0000266-LIC)

Pax Diamonds : OG Kush - 1g PAX - Eaze Delivery Vape

Pax Diamonds : OG Kush – 1g – PAX

When it comes to classic Hybrids, this one is truly the OG. OG Kush (also known as Premium OG Kush) has been popular for decades thanks to a spicy, citrusy flavor and its relaxing, happy and even giggly effects. Pair it with your favorite hammock, cuddle time with your pet or kicking back with a comedy. Weight: 1g (License No. CDPH-10002269)

OG - Sour Tangie - 0.5g STIIIZY

OG – Sour Tangie – 0.5g – STIIIZY

A cross between Sour Diesel and Tangie, Sour Tangie provides an energetic, uplifting high that’s great for daytime use. Its flavor is exactly what you’d expect: citrus and fuel all the way. Extracted from a variety of natural flora, STIIIZY’s botanically-derived terpenes offer balanced aroma & taste to deliver a consistent experience every time. These premium quality concentrates uphold a high level of purity, so you get the best effects every time. Only compatible with STIIIZY device sold separately on Eaze. Weight 0.5g (License No. CDPH-10003246)

Edibles: Infused Drinks

While you might think edibles are limited to chocolates and gummies, Eaze has more tricks up its sleeve, offering drinks that make the perfect mocktail for chillin’ at home or spicing up a house party! Ditch the usual soda routine and upgrade to these tasty THC-infused beverages:

Daytime Guava 10:5 High Seltzer Pabst Blue Ribbon - Dry January Blog

Daytime Guava 10:5 High Seltzer – Pabst Blue Ribbon

Pabst Blue Ribbon continues to expand the spectrum of dosing with their new High Seltzer Energy Guava featuring THCv! Perfect for those days where you want a high but still have focus to be on top of your game, this PBR’s 10mg of THC and 5mg THCv will provide a natural cannabis derived boost, no caffeine here! All Pabst Blue Ribbon High Seltzers feature a proprietary formula that uses nanotechnology emulsion to allow for quick onset and increased bioavailability. 1 serving per package. Each serving contains 10mg THC and 5mg THCv. (License No. C11-0001185-LIC)

Maui Mango High Tea St. Ides

Maui Mango High Tea – St. Ides

Whether you’re looking to blast off or just catch a straight vibe, this Maui Mango Tea gets the job done. 100MG of THC per pack and smack. Contains Coconut. (License No. C11-0000393-LIC)

Pineapple Punch 8oz - 100mg Uncle Arnies

Pineapple Punch 8oz – 100mg – Uncle Arnies

Put your feet up and take a trip on island time with the new Pineapple Punch. Packed with 100mg of THC, this sweet punch delivers a refreshing way to relax. Thanks to nano-emulsion technology, you can control your high or get as lit as you want by using the dosed measurement system. Get ready because it only take about 20 minutes for your rocket to blast off. Pineapple Punch beverage, 0.1g or 100 milligrams, a tenth of a gram, from the Uncle Arnie’s brand offering a hybrid experience with 100.0mg THC. (License No. C9-0000295-LIC)

Blood Orange Cardamom Hi Boy 4-Pack Cann

Blood Orange Cardamom Hi Boy 4-Pack – Cann

Juicy and bright, Blood Orange Cardamom is a zesty, tasty, uplifting treat that’ll never let you down —and now it’s available with a higher dosage. Perfect for having fun, solo or socially. Whether you’re sipping one or enjoying several, Cann will have you feeling light and happy: these 5mg THC beverages allow for a smiley, uplifted buzz. No hangover, all-natural, and only 50 calories. Expect a quick 10-15min onset time. 5mg THC per serving. One can per serving, 4 cans included. Ingredients: carbonated water, blood orange juice, organic agave nectar, cannabis extract, natural cardamom flavor. (License No. CDPH-10003710)

So whattya say…Are you ready to make January 2024 the most lit Dry January yet?

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