9 Cannabis Products On Sale Right Now

Diana Gonimah
Jul 23, 2021

There are fewer than 50 days left in summer 2021 and hundreds of products you haven’t tried yet on Eaze. We know going out every night after a year of solitude and attending all the events that were postponed to this year can get a little expensive, so we thought we’d help you out by dropping the prices on some of the most popular vapes and flower on our site right now. Who doesn’t like getting the best blaze for their buck?

Jack Cake by Ember Valley Was $55 → Now $40

If your go-to order is an eighth of sativa, consider adding Jack Cake to your next order. Now only $40, you can enjoy the blissful, clear-headed effects of the Jack strain with the calming euphoric effects of Wedding Cake.

Ice Cream Cake – 7g by Everyday Was $88 → Now $82

Made by and for daily cannabis consumers, Everyday’s 7g flower is now $82—because ​​treating yourself to its relaxing, stress-melting effects every night shouldn’t break the bank.

Lemon Gelato by Foxy Was $65 → Now $58

For a delicious summertime treat, you’ll love Foxy’s signature Lemon Gelato flower. At only $58, this sativa-leaning hybrid is a daytime treat with a lemon berry sorbet aroma and uplifting and peaceful effects.

Chem Kush by Raw Garden Was $55 → Now $50

You’ve waited a long time for summer 2021–you should be able to relish that blissful, relaxed euphoric feeling you get from that inhale of Chem Kush vape. Now only $50 for 1 gram, you won’t have to worry about running out of your favorite cart.

Tangimal by PureBeauty Was $55 → Now $39

Nothing says California summer like a citrusy, perfectly balanced high, keeping you energized, focused, creative, and social. You can now enjoy 1/8th of Pure Beauty’s Tangimal for only $50.

Black Orchid by Wonderbrett Was $60 → Now $55

If you’re having a creative summer and busting through your latest artistic endeavor, you’ll be relieved to know that 3.5g of Black Orchid flower by Wonderbrett is now only $55. Check it out for a happy, creative hybrid that offers a balanced high alongside flowery, earthy, piney, lavender notes in its aroma and flavor.

Elite Live 1-Gram Vape Cartridge by Select Was $60 → Now $50

Did you burn through your 1-gram vape from Select in three days? Fear not, because the OG Kush Elite Live is now only $50. A hybrid with a unique terpene profile, the 1-gram vape boasts a complex aroma with notes of fuel, skunk, and spice–for a price $10 lower than usual.

Appalachia – 7g by Old Pal Was $42 → Now $38

Because sun-grown flower always hits different in the summertime, you’ll be thrilled to know Old Pal’s Appalachia is now only $38 on Eaze. Starting off with a happy climb, the effect descends into a relaxing body buzz that starts in the back of the head and slowly spreads throughout the rest of the body, helping you quell any summertime sadness.

Caramel Apple Base Camp by Circles Was $20 → Now $19

If your idea of a perfect summer night is camping and looking at the stars, then Caramel Apple Base Camp is the strain for you. Now only $19 on Eaze, this is the nighttime dessert you’ve earned.


Everyday: C11-0000532-LIC, Select: CDPH-10001355, Ember Valley: C11-0000150-LIC, C11-0000497-LIC, Raw Garden: CDPH-10002269, Foxy: C11-0000532-LIC, Wonderbrett: C11-0001016-LIC, Pure Beauty: C11-0001100-LIC

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