People are ditching pills for cannabis. Here’s how.

Eaze Team
Mar 20, 2019

A wave of discovery is upon us.

An onslaught of studies, surveys – even our own State of Cannabis report – are shedding light on what cannabis consumers have known for more than 10,000 years: Marijuana is a powerful tool for wellness and relief.

Across all demographics, 71% of Eaze customers say they’ve reduced their reliance on over-the-counter drugs thanks to cannabis. Another 35% reduced prescription meds.

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That aligns with a study in the Journal of Pain, which found that 80 percent of respondents consumed cannabis in place of pharmaceuticals – primarily opioid painkillers.

Cannabis doesn’t have to mean smoking.

Many people seeking alternative relief from pain, anxietysleeping problems, and other common afflictions are exploring the ease and reliability of drops and tinctures. They are discreet, highly controllable, and fast-acting.

Finding what works best for you can take time and experimentation. Sublingual cannabis oil extractions, like the highly popular (and great-tasting) Ritual drops from Elite, are a superb way to experience the benefits of cannabis without paraphernalia or special know-how.

Place the recommended amount under your tongue, hold it there as long as you can, and wait at least an hour before taking more.

To give you a better idea of what to expect next, Elite gathered the personal testimonials of several customers who use their drops and tinctures to help with everything from pain and anxiety to sleeping problems. These are their stories.

For sleep.

“I used Melatonin and Valerian daily for years but found it eventually lost its effectivness in helping me fall and stay asleep. I switched to Ritual Nighttime drops and I am able to fall asleep and sleep soundly for seven or eight hours. And no grogginess in the morning.” – Launa R.

“A friend recommended Ritual oil for my health and I honestly (sarcastically) thought ‘Oh yeah, that’s gonna help!’. First and foremost, the flavor is amazing! I’ve tried both Ritual Daytime drops and Ritual Nighttime Drops. With the Nighttime Drops I sleep like a baby for 7-8 hours (which is sadly very unusual).” – Barbara L.

For stress and anxiety.

“I started taking Ritual Essential drops for stress management and to help with my anxiety. After about a week I noticed a huge difference in my reaction to certain stressful situations. Using Ritual has helped me to be more calm on a daily basis and it’s reduced my physical symptoms of anxiety greatly (elevated heart rate, racing thoughts, panic). I don’t like taking prescribed medications and going on an anti-anxiety medicine was out of the question for me. This is such a great, natural alternative! I recommend this product to anyone suffering from long-term anxiety. – Kristen V.

For arthritis.

“I’ve struggled for years with psoriatic arthritis. I used to wake up with excruciating joint pain that hindered my ability to stand up straight. My niece gave me Ritual Essential and mandated that I take it every day, so I made it part of my wake-up routine. Surprisingly after taking it for the last two months I feel so much looser and my excruciating muscle spasms are few and far between.” – Fred T., 74 (U.S. veteran)

For neuropathic symptoms.

“I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 33 years ago. I have decided not to take any of the approved MS medications. I treat myself with Ritual Daytime. I feel that the CBD helps with some of the worst symptoms of the disease, fatigue, weakness and cognitive problems. I have been able to keep some weight on, I don’t get tired as quickly and my thinking is clearer and more focused.” – Charles R.

Barbara L. [courtesy of the subject]
“I have ataxia and cerebellar disfunction (similar to MS). With Ritual I am able to speak better, walk better, my handwriting is better and I sleep better. These small, seemingly insignificant changes are drastic to me have additionally uplifted my moods.” – Barbara L.

“My father has suffered several massive strokes within the past six years. He lives with excruciating pain and debilitating nephropathy. At one point opening the door to his hospital room, the slight breeze caused pain. My family and I prayed year after year for relief. His doctors could offer nothing more than narcotics so strong as to leave him in a vegetative state. Their alternative solution was to stop treatments and let the infection coursing through his body slowly end his life, or allow him to live in pain with a form of milder pain relievers that would soon destroy his kidneys and liver. The cost even with insurance is astronomical. We searched for years for an end to this merry-go-round of surgeries, doctors and narcotics until we discovered Elite … the past six years our home was filled with the sounds of my father in pain and agony, now if is filled once again with laughter, conversation and overwhelming joy. We can now have lengthy conversation with my father, laugh and love again.” – Melissa R.
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