Cannabis Microdosing Guide for Microdose Month

Eaze Team
Apr 30, 2023

Who’s ready to talk about cannabis microdosing? May isn’t just a month celebrated with tacos, warmer weather and Memorial Day, it’s also Microdose Month.

What is cannabis microdosing? 

Cannabis microdosing dates back to the early days of when marijuana was only medically legal. This is where studies showed that cannabis can be microdosed through tinctures, oils or by breaking edibles into smaller pieces to reduce the psychoactive high, but still provide the consumer with light effects. If one is feeling heavy psychoactive effects from the amount of cannabis consumed, then that is not a sign of microdosing.

In summary, cannabis microdosing is the practice of consuming small amounts of cannabis (through flower or edibles) to achieve the desired high effect without experiencing any psychoactive effects associated with larger doses.

girl eating edible

How to microdose cannabis?

When taking part in your microdose journey, you’re going to want to start with a low dose and gradually work your way up. It’s important to consume a strain of cannabis that is high in CBD and low in THC to avoid feeling too high. You can also use pre-dosed products, such as edibles or tinctures, to ensure accurate dosing.

Some experts encourage consumers to begin their microdose journey with one milligram of THC and CBD, and once ready to take the next step, gradually increase the dose in one-milligram increments until the consumer notices a change. Once the consumer has reached a point where there is a difference felt after consuming, that is when you have found your minimal effectiveness dosage.

Should I take any safety precautions?

Of course! It’s always a good idea to take precautions when it comes to consuming any form of cannabis – microdose or not. We encourage you to always take a lower dose to start and gradually build your way up.

Everyone’s body responds differently to cannabis – some may have a more intense high versus another even when the same amount has been consumed. The true way to calculate your ideal microdose level, is through trial and error – not from an opinion of a friend (regardless of how trustworthy you believe they are).

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What does cannabis microdosing even…do?

Great question! Again, we’re here to highlight the importance of remembering that each person’s body is different when it comes to cannabis effects.

There have been people who have tried Sativa-dominant microdoses and have reported increased physical energy. Others have reported enhanced mental focus and clarity when microdosing hybrids, and others who have experienced increased levels in relaxation with Indica-dominant cannabis microdoses.

What cannabis products should I try microdosing with first?

There are several products and brands to experiment with as you take on your cannabis microdosing journey.

As we shared above, some have tried tinctures and edibles, but there are also several cannabis brands out there that specialize in microdosing!

Here are some of our go-to’s:

Everyday RX Grape Sweet Tarts

Everyday RX Sweet Tarts - Cannabis microdosing

Lychee SLEEP 1:2:3 Gummies by Plus

Plus Lychee 1:2:3 gummies - cannabis microdosing

20:1 CBD-rich Tincture

cbd-rich tincture: cannabis microdosing

Sparkling Pear 2:6 Social Gummies

sparkling pear camino gummies - cannabis microdosing

So what do you say? Are you ready to celebrate Microdose Month with Eaze? Shop here.

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