Cannabis Microdose Month with Cann and Eaze Delivery

Eaze Team
May 9, 2023

Happy Cannabis Microdose May!

We’re here to celebrate and educate all month, and beyond, with our friends at Cann Social Tonics.

Before we get down to business, we need to answer the true question of Cannabis Microdose Month:

What is cannabis microdosing?

Microdosing cannabis means consuming a small amount of cannabis – typically 2.5mg to 10mg of THC (depending on your tolerance) – to achieve a mild and subtle effect, rather than feeling any extreme psychoactive effects if you were to consume a regular or larger amount of THC.

Microdosed cannabis is available via edibles, tinctures and beverages – this is where our friends from Cann come in!

cannabis microdose may

Cann is the creator of non-alcoholic social tonics. Yep, you read that right – no booze, just bubbly vibes and a buildable buzz. Cann Social Tonics are beverages infused with a microdose of cannabis (aka just a tiny bit of THC and CBD)* that are as bubbly, refreshing, and social as your favorite cocktail – minus the next-day hangover or regrets.

Because Cann infuses their social tonics with a low dose of cannabis, their products are the perfect sessionable sipper – aka the best way to consume cannabis socially, and the best thing to happen to drinking since drinking.

They offer several delicious flavors – like Blue Rhuberry, Lemon Lavender and Blood Orange Cardamom – to name a few.

Cann - Cannabis Microdose Month

Dope. What else should I know about Cann before partaking in Microdose May?

Glad you asked!

Let’s talk about what you can expect to experience with a delicious Cann beverage.

Cann is infused with a microdose of cannabis – 2mg THC & 4mg CBD per each 8oz can and 5mg THC per each 12oz can – and is intended to get you a tiiiiny bit high.

To reiterate, Cann IS non-alcoholic but said to feel similar to a glass of wine or beer: light, buzzy, and sociable without feeling out of control. Unlike alcohol, Cann won’t leave you feeling hungover. (They’re all about the buzz, not the booze or next-day regrets.)

Like we’ve shared in our other microdosing blog, effects and feelings will vary depending on your product of choice as well as your unique cannabis tolerance – EVERY BODY is different. With a typical onset of just 10-15 minutes (and the potential to last two-plus hours), we recommend sipping one Cann and building from there.

Cann infuses a microdose of cannabis with all-natural ingredients from around the globe. Only the highest-quality ingredients for you, like lemon from Sicily, grapefruit from Florida, and agave nectar from Mexico.

Cann is gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan (no animal by-product in these babies). They are not sugar-free but are Stevia-free and free of any artificial flavors because Cann is sweetened with all-natural agave from Mexico.

Cann - Cannabis Microdose Month

How many Cann’s can I Microdose with?

Since Cann is intended to be a sessionable drink, meaning you can control and build your buzz, your limit is unique to you, and only you. Cann has a mild amount of THC and CBD, so you can feel comfortable sipping into a light, slightly buzzy, sweet spot.

There is no “recommended serving size” for microdosed cannabis drinks. Why? Because a lot of factors influence how you might experience the effects. The most influential is your cannabis tolerance and experience. Again, you can learn more here about preparing for your microdose experience.

With a typical onset of just 10-15 minutes (and the potential to last two-plus hours), we recommend sipping one Cann and building from there.

New to cannabis? Cann recommends starting slow and low. Try one 8oz Cann, wait 20 minutes, and see how you feel.

Slightly more cannabis experience? Cann suggests opting for a Hi Boy (aka 5mg THC).

Well-established connoisseurs? Pair Cann with a pre-roll or your favorite way to co-consume.

So what do you say…

Ready to celebrate Cannabis Microdose Month?

Shop all Cann products.

Shop Cann products available with Eaze Delivery.

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