Faster climax with cannabis = more orgasms. What’s not to like?

Eaze Team
Sep 26, 2019

We did the math on sex and marijuana. Enjoy the results!

Quite a few of you may already have known this (ahem) but guess what? Turns out, cannabis really can make sex better.

No matter how many times we may have proven it for ourselves, one of the most time-tested notions about marijuana had for centuries only existed in the abstract. That is, until Eaze Insights partnered with Lioness, maker of smart vibrators that track orgasms and other biometrics, to study the effects of cannabis on sex and pleasure.

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The survey of hundreds of Lioness customers confirmed what many consumers had long suspected – but at a holistic, interconnected level that perhaps no one could’ve foreseen.

Think of it as three separate phenomenon, working in blissful harmony to make sex more satisfying overall.

It basically goes like this:

1. Cannabis helps people achieve orgasm more quickly and easily.

Which is great! And it’s about more than just heightened physical sensations.

“When it comes to the fact that cannabis and CBD do make it easer to achieve orgasm, there are a few things at play,” says Molly Peckler, founder of cannabis-friendly matchmaking service Highly Devoted. “It’s so much easier to be present in the moment. You’re not distracted, you’re focused on the person in front of you. It takes you out of your head a little bit, allows you just be there, connect, enjoy that pleasure and let it take over.”

2. Cannabis helps people have longer-lasting pleasure sessions.

But wait, didn’t we just say that cannabis helps people achieve orgasm more quickly and easily? So why should they be also experiencing longer sessions?

What seems like a contradiction disappears when you consider this:

3. Cannabis helped people have more orgasms overall.

Aye, there’s the rub! Multiple orgasms is the unifying principle here. A faster first orgasm gives you more headroom to experience a second, or third – which, thanks to cannabis, are achieved more easily!

In short, according to the findings, it would appear that faster + longer = more.

The best cannabis strains and products for sex.

So what’s best to use in the bedroom?

THC edibles seemed to have the biggest effect on sexual satisfaction, but only marginally more than things like flower, vapes, and CBD-only products. Peckler prefers smoking before a session, but if edibles is your preference, she strongly recommends starting extremely slow (with “micro-” or “low” doses), which shouldn’t get you too high to perform.

“It’s different for everyone, because everyone processes cannabis in a different way,” Peckler says. “I prefer more hybrid or Indica strains, because a Sativa strain will just make my mind race. My favorite sex strain is definitely granddaddy purple – you don’t get that couch lock, but it relaxes your mind and enhances sensation in a way that gets me in the mood.”

Peckler also suggests dabbling in cannabis-infused lubricants and topicals. Even those that contain THC are not likely to get you uncomfortably high.

“Sexual lubricants are a great way for people to explore cannabis in bed without that sense of losing control.”

Unless you’re into that sort of thing.

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