Grass Lands makes history, is ‘cleaner, chiller’ than rest of fest

Eaze Team
Aug 13, 2019

The real pitfalls of cannabis commerce, on display at Grass Lands.

After nearly a century of cannabis prohibition – a time when mass marijuana consumption at a public gathering would’ve seemed a recipe for madness – the plant was finally unleashed on the crowds over the weekend, as Grass Lands @ Outside Lands presented by Eaze became the first major U.S. festival to host legal sales and consumption onsite.

The scene certainly turned out to be a nightmare for security, medical, and cleanup crews … who were left with little or nothing to do all weekend.

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By all accounts, it was the most peaceful, blissed-out part of Outside Lands, an oasis where prices were reasonable, cell signal was strong, and lines were long but orderly – probably due in part to the fact that alcohol was not allowed anywhere inside the Grass Lands grounds.

“Grass Lands was less littered [than the rest of Outside Lands] and had little to no drunkenness on display,” reported SFist, adding that there were zero incidents requiring police or medical attention throughout the three-day Grass Lands activation.

One can almost imagine that cannabis consumers attending festivals have always been this way – and that with a place to call their own, among kindred spirits, enjoying the moment without fear of law enforcement hassles, they’re even more relaxed, present, pleasant, and nurturing of their immediate environment.

SFist even posted a side-by-side image of the festival grounds at large, and the grounds at Grass Lands. Guess which side was greener?

Grass Lands kicked off at last year’s Outside Lands, but lacked sales and consumption permits. But this year, cannabis brands by the dozen were sold via a handful of retailers, who were intermingled with activations and social-good orgs like the HeadCount’s Cannabis Voter Project, and three separate consumption areas, with ample space and seating, were supplied.

The Eaze Team and guests at Grass Lands [Photo by Stash Slionski]
“The vibe is really chill and it’s very respectful,” said San Francisco Office of Cannabis director Marisa Rodriguez told SFist. “It’s not only respectful to the people, it’s respectful to the park.”

And respectful to the moment – and everyone who fought to get us here. Enjoy it!

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