Virgos were howling for cannabis on full moon Friday the 13th

Eaze Team
Sep 13, 2019

Friday the 13th looks good on you, Virgo!

Maybe it’s those birthday-month vibes, maybe it’s their methodical back-to-school focus, or maybe it’s in the stars – but Virgos, for whatever reason, are buying up a storm of cannabis on this Friday, the 13th of September, 2019 … which also brings a rare type of full moon.

The Eaze data druids gathered late Friday to divine whether this cosmic confluence had any effect on cannabis buying patterns in real-time because, well … we were curious!

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Despite the dubious date, and the moon being full while at its most distant point from Earth (a phenomenon called a “micro-moon”), everything looked like a fairly normal Friday – until we peered into the signs of the Zodiac.

Virgos are peaking mightily.

Of all Friday sales, Virgos (people whose birthdays fall between August 23 and September 22) accounted for 12% of products purchased on the Eaze delivery platform, a 50% spike over the average of 8%. (Some of that can be attributed to various birthday promotions, but all agreed this surge outpaced the norm for even that).

In fact, Friday the 13th was Virgo’s highest spike of 2019 – and so far this year is second only to Capricorn, which had a slightly bigger jump on January 30. This can leads us to only one logical, science-based conclusion: Virgos are being amplified by the full moon and Friday the 13th.

It’s never a surprise to see Virgos leading – along with Cancers, they are among our strongest and most consistent customers. And if it’s true that Virgos are detail-oriented, focused perfectionists, then it only makes sense that they were diving on Friday’s extraordinary deal: 40% off Select vaporizers, the best combination of maxed-out hardware and quality oil this side of the galaxy.

Sagittarius and Aquarius brought up the rear, as they also did during Mercury in Retrograde (though that’s likely just because theirs aren’t popular birth months). Here’s how all the astrological signs ranked, in terms of the day’s sales %, as of Friday at about 3 p.m.:

  1. Virgo: 11.7%
  2. Gemini: 9.57%
  3. Cancer: 9.30%
  4. Pisces: 8.86%
  5. Capricorn: 8.53%
  6. Leo: 7.87%
  7. Scorpio: 7.87%
  8. Taurus: 7.81%
  9. Aries: 7.76%
  10. Libra: 7.76% 
  11. Sagittarius: 6.71%
  12. Aquarius: 6.22%

Man smart, woman smarter?

There was one other anomaly that stood out from the data on Friday: in the 55-59 age demographic, women spiked to 62% of sales. Normally the gender divide stays an even 50/50 in that age category – wavering at that scale is highly uncommon. But Virgo is a strong feminine sign, and there’s a full moon on the rise … make up your own theories at home, and enjoy the moment!

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