Your Guide to Going California Sober

Justin Caffier
Dec 31, 2019

As the world’s 5th largest economy, California provides the global market with everything from produce to technology to entertainment. In recent years, one of the more curious exports to come from the Golden State is its unique approach to teetotaling. A reference to the state’s general permissiveness toward cannabis, “Cali sober” (or “California sober” if you’re not into the whole brevity thing) refers to a form of drug and alcohol abstinence that carves out a lone mood-altering substance exception for weed. While the term has been floating around the west coast vernacular for a number of years, a personal essay from VICE writer Michelle Lhooq and trend explainer in The Cut helped expose the concept to the masses in 2019.

Given the few health drawbacks of cannabis, relative to alcohol, this lifestyle seems perfectly matched with another sobriety trend that’s gained traction in recent years: “Dry January.” New Year’s Resolutions or not, anytime is a good time to give your body a break from alcohol, and we have the perfect seltzers, shots, cannabis wines and tea mixes to help you meet your goal. Check out our top cannabis beverage recommendations:

Cutting alcohol shouldn’t impact your social life. For the perfect party buzz, check out S*SHOTS and Cann:

Looking for more of a solo decompression? Atlas’ full-spectrum drink mixes will get the job done.

For a light low-calorie social drink, you’ll want to try Lemon High Seltzer 10mg by one of your favorite beer makers Pabst Blue Ribbon.

And if you’re looking for something a little stronger, look no further than Wunder:

Feeling anxious? Ritual Daytime Drops and Mad Lilly’s Lemon Dream Sleep Tonic are what you need to make you feel at peace.

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