Meet Bryce Hall, Co-Founder of Rolling Releaf

Diana Gonimah
Jun 29, 2022

Eaze Momentum is a cannabis business accelerator designed to support under-represented founders. In this interview series, the members of our 2022 cohort share some of the most valuable lessons they’ve learned as founders.

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Rolling Releaf is an adult-use cannabis delivery operator, delivering the best cannabis in Massachusetts as conveniently as possible. Today we sit down with co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Bryce Hall, Boston native, entrepreneur and 2022 Momentum winner:

Why did you start your company? Devin and I started Rolling Releaf to offer a legitimate service that the legacy market has always offered, home delivery!
What sets your brand apart in the cannabis industry? Rolling Releaf aims to be a brand that our clients can trust for delivering high quality, and high integrity craft cannabis products directly to their door.
What is the most valuable takeaway you’ve gotten from the Momentum program? For me, being connected with successful industry leaders that have already done what we have set out to do has made the foundation of Rolling Releaf very solid. From game planning marketing strategies to investor relationships I find myself having at least two Ah-ha! moments a week since starting the Momentum program.
What advice would you give to your younger self? If I had to give little Bryce advice it would be to not be afraid to bet on yourself as long as you never give up. Ive always had an entrepreneurial spirit but it took me until 2020 to officially get away from working for others and really bet on myself. It’s been an emotional roller coaster but every day the vision gets clearer and the process gets more rewarding.

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