Full-spectrum, strain-specific. If you trust the plant, try Brite Labs

Eaze Team
Mar 11, 2019

The closest thing to flower in cannabis oil.

Cannabis consumers know the subtle difference in effects between vaping pure distillate oil and smoking flower.

There’s something just a little extra about the full spectrum of marijuana flowers’ cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds lighting up your endocannabinoid system exactly as the plant intended. It’s a buzz more like a long, warm glow than a burst of light.

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That “entourage effect” doesn’t easily translate to vaporizer oils, which are often made up of THC distillate and fillers. Many are blended with natural fruit-derived terpenes to mimic certain strains and flavors – but no matter how close formulators get, they’ll never be totally aligned with the plant’s intentions.

That’s not the case at Brite Labs, one of the few producers of single-origin, strain-specific, and naturally full-spectrum vaporizer oils on the legal market. With each Brite Labs experience, you’re getting real cannabis formulations, created by the world’s foremost expert on cannabis compounds: the cannabis plant.

It’s about more than just THC %.

High-THC strains and extractions became popular in the latter years of California’s medical market, but savvy consumers have since learned that the percentage of the plant’s sole intoxicating cannabinoid isn’t all that’s at play. Key to achieving desired effects (including getting “more high!”) is the complex interactive matrix of all the plant’s compounds – and how those combinations dock with your body’s endocannabinoid system.

Every Brite Labs Pax pod sold on the Eaze platform contains 500mg of cultivar-specific, full spectrum cannabis extract, crafted in small batches via a proprietary CO2 process in Oakland, California. Brite Labs oils never contain diluents, flavoring agents, or additives.

That dedication to a pure expression of strain specific oils means Brite Labs strains are constantly rotating, so you can try out a wide range of strains to see what best meets your needs and personal preferences.

‘Botanical integrity’ starts at the source.

Maintaining the integrity of the compounds starts with plant material that’s worth the trouble. Brite Labs has partnered with small cannabis farms all around California, giving them the ability to be highly selective among their trusted, long-term growing partners.

The biomass Brite Labs sources is 100% sun-grown and organic-best-practice, and has been since the company started its R&D process in 2014. The result has been a truly artisanal oil that proves you don’t have to smoke flower to get the plant’s full potential.

You just have to choose well.


This post was created in a partnership with Brite Labs.


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