Bloom Farms Donates Three Million Meals For World Food Day

Taylor Engle
Oct 18, 2021

Since the brand was first formed in 2014, Bloom Farms has been a gathering place to enjoy the fruits of the nature around us, the importance of self, and how we all fit together in the cannabis community.

In honor of World Food Day, Bloom Farms has launched a mission to leave a great impact on the front lines of hunger. This commitment will begin with a three-week period of meal donations, from October 16 through November 6.

“Times were tough during co-founder Michael Ray’s childhood, but the family farm in the Sierra Foothills always had an extra seat at the table and plenty of food. It became a place of solace for neighbors, including some who struggled with food insecurity,” said April Carter Grant, Director of Marketing at Bloom Farms.

“Throughout his career, Mike never lost sight of this local need and set out to address hunger in a meaningful way when he launched the first-ever cannabis-backed meal donation program.”

The 1-for-1 meal program, which was developed in 2015, donates one meal to someone in need for every Bloom Farms product the company sells.

“We are pleased to share that this combined effort of customers, retailers, and food bank partners has delivered over three million meals so far,” Carter Grant said.

Bloom Farms isn’t just a cannabis brand: they are dedicated to health, wellness, and safety in every way.

The brand initially launched with the mission to offer the highest-quality cannabis products on the market, while promoting responsible use as an essential part of a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.

Along the way, Bloom Farms has really sought their place in the cannabis community, weaving their six core values into every decision they make, with a commitment to stellar customer service, a high degree of transparency, and partnership with responsible California farmers with like-minded views on sustainable agriculture and the environment.

They hope to have an even greater impact with this latest initiative, which will benefit so many people in need in the surrounding communities.

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