BLOOM FARMS | Next-level CBD vaping from a name you already trust

Eaze Team
Aug 29, 2019

Sustainably farmed, responsibly made, exhaustively tested.

At a moment when oil vaping is under close scrutiny – the CDC recently said it knew of nearly 200 cases of severe lung problems and one death associated with counterfeit vapes around the U.S. – it’s important to know what you’re inhaling.

If trust and safety is your priority, Bloom Farms is your new favorite CBD vaporizer.

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Already famous for the fastidious quality of its cannabis vapes and CBD tinctures, Bloom Farms is introducing a full-spectrum, uncut, hemp-derived CBD mini-vaporizer that you’ll recognize as next-level at first draw.

And you’ll never have cause for worry.

Bloom Farms cannabis vapes have always been made in the U.S., with best-in-class hardware and sustainably farmed marijuana and hemp plants that are tracked and tested from soil to oil. Bloom Farms sources from its 200-acre family farm deep in the Sierra Foothills, as well as cultivators across America who share their passion for sustainable farming.

New mini CBD vapes from Bloom Farms [Photo courtesy of Bloom Farms]
With a proprietary “flash activation” extraction method, Bloom Farms retains the plant’s most complete terpene profile possible – a full-spectrum expression of cannabis compounds that never come anywhere near solvents or additives. Just the cleanest, highest-quality hemp CBD, derived from ecologically sound biodynamic cultivation practices.

When you buy Bloom Farms, you’re also supporting their robust social good efforts, including its long-running 1-for-1 program. For every purchase, Bloom Farms donates a healthy meal to a food-insecure individual or family, with over 1.5 million meals donated since 2015.

Trust, quality, and a better world? We see Bloom Farms as a triple-win way to enjoy the moment.

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